Are You Speeding?

June 28, 2019 | By More

By Luke Michael Howard

Clinical Hypnotist 

Here’s another metaphor, another story. We need to relax. Potentially, that could be a cup of coffee. I’m going to share a little story today – you can use this story as a metaphor for many things. I often tell this to many of my clients who are coming for pain issues. Imagine you’ve got some kind of chronic pain. We’re not talking about acute pain. If you’ve got acute pain something just happened, e.g, you’ve been hit by a car.  So, you would go to surgery immediately, wouldn’t you? I’m talking about chronic pain. Pain that’s been around three months, at least, and it isn’t getting any better. You’ve seen several medical practitioners and they’re just giving you painkillers or, don’t know quite what to do with you. Pain is just a sign. It’s a sign to simply slow down, stop doing what you’re doing and do something else. 

So, imagine this. You’re in your car. You’re driving down the highway at 100 km an hour in a 50-km zone. After a while, the police pull you over. They say, “Hey, you’ve been driving too fast. You’ve been driving 100 kms an hour. You’re supposed to be doing 50. We’ll let you off this time. No fine, no criminal record, but this is your warning.” So, you get back in your car, start in at 50 kms an hour. Police don’t trouble you anymore. Then you say, “You know what? I want to get home a bit faster.” So, you start to go a bit faster, 75 kms an hour, 80 kms an hour, 100 kms an hour. You don’t listen to the warning. Police pull you over again.  “Hey, we just pulled you over. Why are you not listening to us?  Now, we are going to have to fine you because you didn’t listen? You never learned your lesson? You haven’t slowed down. So. now you pay your fine. You say, “All right, all right.” Again, you start going 50 kms an hour in a 50-km zone. You think to yourself, “They’re not going to pull me over again, right?”  You’re doing 50, now, you’re doing 55. Now, you’re doing 60, 65, 70, 80, 90, 100. Police pull you over again. You hear them say, “All right. We’re suspending your license. This is the third time we’ve had to pull you over today. You haven’t listened to us. It’s 50 kms an hour and you’ve been going 100 kms an hour in a 50-km zone. Slow down.”

So, you thought that you were going to get to your destination a lot faster because you were going faster – 100-kms-an-hour in a 50-km-an-hour zone. However, with the amount of time that the police kept pulling you over and pulling you over and pulling you over, admonishing you for breaking the law, it ends up taking you a lot longer to get where you wanted to go. If you had just listened to the warning the first time. and slowed down, and got that message, you might find that you don’t need that message anymore if you had just slowed down. 

Always Believe,

Luke Michael Howard PhD

Ottawa Clinical Hypnotist

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