Are You Arguing with Life?

February 18, 2019 | By More

by Amâeil (Melinda Urban RIHR)

Life happens – a constant flow of joyful and painful change, and everything in between. Human resistance is as certain as change, because when the negative ego dislikes anything that is unfolding in life, whether it’s minor or profound, it seeks a means to avoid it. Unfortunately, wanting things to be different than they are through ego-control only amplifies trying circumstances and creates suffering. Ego can make a mountain out of molehill, and protest almost anything. To the conscious traveler, being reminded that resistance is futile is only somewhat intellectually helpful. Trying to circumvent your resistance is only more resistance. So how do you respond to your ego?

Defining resistance clarifies all else. Ego resistance is rich in its expressions: it can be described as blocking your own path, swimming against the tide, digging in your heels, getting in your own way, or refusing to step past the edge of your comfort zone. Resistance can take on many nuances: we can obstruct, strike out, slow things down, struggle, or rebuff. When I heard spiritual teacher Adyashanti refer to it as “arguing with life”, it seemed to be an equally accurate description for ego’s dissatisfaction with big change as much as its grumblings about daily life. No matter how you describe it, the bottom line is that when you are resisting, you are unwilling to accept what is and you move against the flow of experiencing.

Personally, it helps me to define resistance as being out of alignment with one’s Highest Self. In other words, if you accept that there is a higher purpose in your experiences, then you trust that whatever is present in your life is an opportunity and choice-point for your Highest Good. It increases your willingness to respond from your Spirit, with self-responsibility. 

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