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July 23, 2018 | By More

by T. Martee Tegtmeyer, CenKP, TFHIC, TATHP

Book: Beyond the Light, PMH Atwater, 1994 … tells of many near-death experiences including one of my teachers, Margaret Fields Kean, which is fully documented. Physiological effects:  for adults more sensitive, more playful, more vegetables, anticipating going home soon; for children look older/act seem more mature, more meat; wishing to go home sooner.

Using Muscle Response Testing recently verified ACADEMICALLY at Oxford University in 2014 now published on line, Margaret’s CIRCA 1985 modality, now re-named “God’s Priority INDICATOR Results System”, shortly before her final passing for the last time in 2009.  10 and 17 day intensive training programs available! Gr8 for spiritual emergence & integration! Included NOW is her near-death experience (NDE) meditation & modality…aka “the game of life”; “the ONENESS Process.” Take a selected pattern on an astral journey to higher levels of consciousness to receive added skills and talents, & to return to Mother Earth on assignment to serve humanity & Mother Earth as a Master…



7pm to 9:30pm Fri. July 6 Voluntary contribution of $5 or more appreciated. Guest volunteer presenter is Meghan Perry on rejuvenation & relaxation thru sound & meditation. During second half of evening Martee is offering sample FREE mini-sessions using the ONENESS Process.  No pre-registration required.

Important note: For all Ottawa appointments, classes and playshops,  contact Mabe Kwan (613) 981-3308, at

2) Shanghai Restaurant is hosting three 3-hour module playshops on the ONENESS Process. (Noon to 3pm: Fri July 20, Sat July 21, Wed July 25.  Also we have a Special Offer up to 3 people “HEALTH & WELLNESS CLINIC” 55 minute appointments: 9am to noon, 3-4pm Fri July 20 thru Sat July 28. Closed Sunday July 22. 

For background class details:

(Note we also offer all three playshops 9am to noon, 1-4pm, 6-9pm Sun Aug 5, at Newmarket  Only for these playshops is Registration online:

3) Planet Botanix (see ad insert) is hosting International Kinesiology College (IKC) Touch For Health (TFH) School open house  (no pre-registration required) 10am -12:30 Sat July 7, for classes later in July. [TFH Continuing Education credits count for chiropractors, nurses, RMTs], & from 1pm to 6pm for a Special Offer of up to 3 people for a “HEALTH & WELLNESS CLINIC.”   As Open House is FREE, a voluntary contribution to ‘Save the Sacred’ Ottawa River watershed would be appreciated. supporting 

Come & Convince yourselves! 

Guest Stephen Carr, certified Reconnective Healing® Foundational Practitioner of Brockville is also available for individual sessions.

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