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Abundance from the perspective of just obtaining material gain is not true abundance. For when you see it in this way, you are lacking a big part of what abundance means in a life. Shifting your point of view or the way you are choosing to see abundance in your life can help you in shifting the abundance in every aspect of your life.  Meaning that if you see abundance in every part of your life such as love, friendships, material gain, etc. as something that you welcome in your life, as something that you are willing to accept in your life, and have balance in, than you begin to see that abundance is everywhere and you begin to open up more and more those channels that support you in bringing it in.

It is important that you realize that in order to become abundant in every part of your life, that you open up to the frequency of love, that you open up your heart so that you can truly receive and give, balancing your energies every day. Being worthy of abundance is something that has to come from you. As it is a unique belief that you can activate or deactivate, that you can enhance or make disappear. Abundance is associated to how open your heart is, it is aligned to the beliefs of what you believe you are worthy of.

Are you worthy of love?  Yes you are, for you are love, for you are made of love.

Are you worthy of having anything you want in your life? Yes for you have come to this world to experience through grace, love and joy. You have come here to find yourself in different ways and you are doing so right at this moment.

So breathe deeply into your heart and exhale slowly, for all is well.

May peace be with you.

Monica Dumont is a Divine channel, healer, regression therapist and author.  www.monicadumont.com

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