8 Steps to Effective Change

January 10, 2019 | By More

Peace to you for 2019!

With New Year’s resolutions now made, are you wondering how to keep them?

In his book “The Coaching Habit”, Michael Bunday Stanier offers a multi-step plan to effect change. Change comes when you review your habits and tweak them.

The formula is simple but requires mental discipline:  

When this (trigger) happens, instead of (current habit/behaviour), I will do this instead (decide on a plan and implement it).

You need a reason to effect change – Why exercise? You will be less stressed, be easier to be around and feel happier” has a broader scope and is more motivational.

Become aware of what triggers you. Triggers tend to be predictable. Plan how you can respond to what triggers you before it happens – how can you look at things differently or what can you do to calm down that’s different?

Look at the variables surrounding the trigger and break them down – maybe going cold turkey isn’t the best way to go – but changing one component of the habit at a time may be more effective – For example, if every time you take a walk, you always meet see so-and-so who gets your goat and you have to smoke to calm down, then consider taking a different route or changing the time of your routine.

When deciding on a plan, make it simple – if it takes longer than one minute to implement, chances are you may not stick to it.

Practice, practice, practice – some mindfulness is required and maybe writing your plan on a card you keep in your pocket for quick reference would be helpful.

For sure you will forget and fall back – this is where you need to learn to forgive yourself, keep up the faith in yourself, remember your motive for wanting to change, reset your determination and continue from where you left off. You can do this!

Support is always very important – you can journal and/or buddy-up.

Forgive those who do not join you in your new efforts – it is your right to exercise your free will – energetic forgiveness is when you consciously decide to stop a bad habit while not judging others who continue doing it.

Yes, your friends may change. Your lifestyle may change. Or they may not. The question becomes what is more important to you – the old, damaging habit, or the new harmless one? Remember, balance is key.

Have fun with it! If I can help you develop helpful strategies, contact me.

Also, on January 20th, I am offering a workshop on understanding psychic empathy (which I call ‘soulfulness’): “Understand Super Empathy in Youth – when they don’t “fit in” & wonder why”.

I hope you will contact me if you require assistance in personal development and Spirit growth in 2019.

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