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Every year this conference has truly met its goals to Enrich our participants and our Reiki Community. We are very proud that you return year after year to join us, and you bring your friends! Last year was such a huge success in the beautiful Code’s Mill we just knew we had to do it again! We are still talking about the wonderful speakers and the lasting learning and enrichment we received on that day. Gratitude.Gratitude.Gratitude 

Enriching our community for 5 years now brings us a real sense of pride. Community: a sense of connection with others, a feeling of fellowship, sharing common attitudes, interests and goals. Yes, that is the community we want to build and enrich! Connection, love, hope, mindfulness, meditation, exercise, positivity, yoga, we will touch on all of this! We need a community where we can share our wonderful gifts with each other and support each other on our Reiki journey. Every single participant that filled out an evaluation form in each of the last four years said YES we Would recommend the conference to our friends and colleagues! 

We can offer you no better reference than that! 

So just how do you Enrich Me and My Reiki Community?

Well we bring together a wonderful group of people that are curious about and honor energy. We get you out of town for the day and find a beautiful location. We share/schedule some wonderful relaxing meditations, feed you some yummy food and enlist the help of some wonderful people to help us expand our horizons. We have engaged our very favorite speakers from previous years. The facility is beautifully located in historic downtown Perth.  Perth Code’s Mill on the Park is a wonderful building with an embracing atmosphere, just across from beautiful Stewart Park.

We EMPOWER you to keep you learning. Keep you growing. We have a full day of exploration and experiential learning planned for everyone with or without Reiki training. Whether you’ve been practicing Reiki for years or are new to Reiki, we would love to see you. 

Mark your calendars…..Please join us at the fifth annual Reiki Conference – 

Enriching Me and My Reiki Community on Sunday April 28th, 2019

So, just for today, choose to enrich your heart and soul and sign up now! 

Take this day to EMPOWER yourself.

For complete details, how to register, view the agenda, and speaker profiles visit or on our Facebook page

It is go be an AMAZING DAY!

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