Intelligent Spiritual Embodiment

June 18, 2018 | By More

by Amâeil (Melinda Urban RIHR)


Our personal consciousness expansion, and Earth’s, can only transpire as unmanifest energy moves to manifest form – the soul becomes fully merged, anchored, and expressed through the physical body.

The core of the spiritual ascension process is the re-unification and re-balancing of natural opposites, the Feminine and Masculine. This is sacred, inner marriage giving birth to sustained Living Light.

This synthesis gradually occurs through organic transmutations as our intelligent energy expands into higher dimensional perceptions, from personality/ego focus (dimensions/chakras 1-3), to the soul (4-6), monad (7-9), and Avatar consciousness (10-12). All dimensions are simultaneously active in spiral energy, and we connect into these through our unfolding experiences. When we actively participate with our consciousness then density shifts toward a Lighter crystalline matrix energy, our original 12-strand DNA.   

The Aurora Guardians have been assisting with the elemental re-encryption of the Krystal Star coding in our silicate matrix, transmuting the miasma that we each inherited upon our 3D birth enslaving us in the negative alien agenda. Re-encryption supports clearing of our ego personality/1-3D and helps us more easily receive the higher frequencies, while re-establishing the natural creational balance.

As the body electromagnetically recalibrates, we can feel many ascension symptoms: anxiety, pressure in the body, or pain. Discernment is essential. Relax, and ask your body what support it needs.

Our thoughts too need to be re-encrypted – they are vibrations of either higher or lower intention. When we our triggered, behave in unhealthy patterns, or have negative self-talk, it’s our choice to change it.

Embodiment is an amazing intelligent process, and still, changing our cellular history can be very challenging. But if we want our freedom we have to accept the invitation to participate. We’re in this together, Divinely supported. Of course, the more we know that, we’re well on our way to energetic balance. Read the more extensive version of this excerpt at

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