Healing with Chakra Colours in Spiritpainting®

May 22, 2018 | By More

By Jennifer “Lightwolf” Jones


Spiritpainting® has taught me so many things, one being the effect that chakra colours have on our bodies.  I have learned that chakras are connectors joining the spiritual body to all of our mental, emotional and physical bodies.  Their spinning function is to draw in the Universal Life Force Energy and to heal; we constantly seek a state of equilibrium.

I have found that there are correlations in our Universe between the vibrational frequencies of sound and colour, and that all of creation is manifested through Spirit.  Our Creator uses infinite variations of vibrational frequencies; by decoding the colours of the chakras, they become key to conscious healing.

The positioning of the chakras correlate to nerve nexes along the spinal cord branching to endocrine glands or to organs.  Each Chakra spins to a frequency of colour and sound that have seven main colours and tones and colours which we see in refracted prisms and rainbows.

Briefly, I will describe one way I determine a healing colour after doing a Healing Colour Spiritpainting.®  I ask my Highest Guide to show me the healing colour.  For example, I may see violet as a healing colour, so I do a Spiritpainting® with shades of violet, including red, magenta, and blue, because they combine together to produce violet.  I then put the painting in a place where I will absorb it, like on my alter.  I may also use these colours in my décor and clothing.

Expanding on this absorption, I eat foods with the hues of red, blue, violet and add bluish greens.  It is not easy to find violet food. It is good that I love blueberries.  I include dark greens, such as spinach and kale.  I do this because green contains blue pigment, and blue is in violet.  Now I ask myself  “Have I included my Healing Colour Food Groups, as well as following my National Food Guide?”

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