Non-Resistance is Fertile

April 12, 2018 | By More

(By Rev. Roxanne Buckle, Unity Spiritual Centre Ottawa)

Non-resistance is allowing, accepting, and trusting that what is happening in the bigger picture, even if in this moment I cannot see it, is somehow perfect. It is one of the most mis-understood spiritual concepts, and is fertile ground for spiritual growth.

It’s opposite, resistance is any time we want something to be different than what is presenting in reality.  For example, any time we experience stress wishing  it wasn’t raining—that’s resistance.  Thinking someone should get a job—that’s resistance.  Believing that I shouldn’t be sick —-that’s resistance.  These kinds of thoughts, often accompanied by the word “should”, are ways of wanting reality to be different than it is.  We create a lot of suffering for ourselves when we argue with what is. I know this from personal experience, from when I have attempted  to control a situation or another person.

Byron Katie, the author of  Loving What Is reminds us,  “it hurts when I argue with reality. We can know that reality is good just as it is, because when we argue with it, we experience tension and frustration.  We don’t feel natural or balanced.  When we stop opposing reality, action becomes simple, fluid, kind, and fearless.”

Which of these thoughts do you find more empowering? I wish it wasn’t raining right now because I want to go for a walk OR It is raining; what intelligent solutions can I find right now to enable me to walk.  Can you feel the freedom and expansion when we don’t argue with what is;  versus the constriction and stress when we are in resistance?

A big misconception that I used to  hold about non-resistance, was the fear that I would become passive and may even lose the desire to act if I stopped my argument with what is.  I have found the exact opposite to be true.  When we can see things without resistance and without he confusion of our inner struggle, we are free to allow the infinite possibilities of our divine nature to flow through us in any situation.

Spiritual author Eckhart Tolle echoes this, when he says “Nonresistance is the key to the greatest power in the universe.  Through it, consciousness (spirit) is freed from its imprisonment in form.”

Join us the week-end of April 28/29 to explore these concepts, when acclaimed spiritual teacher Martha Creek will guide us in transforming our relationship with reality. 

Unity Spiritual Centre Ottawa Sunday celebration 10:30 a.m. The Good Companions Centre. email: or website:

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