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Everyone loves to be motivated. One thing that helps with motivation is a positive quote. Do you have a personal go-to quote that motivates or brightens up your day? Why not post it.

There are a few ways to do it. You can share one that you see on your feed, tweet out the text of the quote, or create a graphic of the quote. Sometimes the simple ways work wonders. Not everything needs to be on a graphic. Simple text can garnish focus on your post as it has the potential of standing out among all the graphics being posted.

Go a bit beyond that, explain why it is your go-to quote. This small yet effective explanation allows a bit of insight into who you are. Explanations on why you like a quote is also a great first step in sharing YOU on social media. This is key to the beginnings of building relationships  on social media.

Add a simple hashtag to it as well. For instance, #Quote #QuoteOfTheDay #QOTD are hashtags commonly used and can help you gain reach. Beyond that choose hashtags that are about the quote such as #positivevibesonly

Did you know that you can have up to 30 quotes on one Instagram post? Well you can. Be careful to count them out though otherwise your post will post with no text write up.

When that happens, unfortunately it’s best to start over and rewrite everything and make a stellar impact rather than let that slip by.

Post a quote!  In the meantime, #LightUpSocial and #ShareYourlight!

Written by: Juanita Foucault

“Juanita Foucault is Creative Director of Northern Lights Maple LTD offering social media and design services within a virtual setting. Visit www.NorthernLightsMaple.com for more information on her services and virtual assisting.”

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