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Psychotherapist, Constellation Facilitator
B.A. in International Relations, an M.A. in Humanities, and a Ph.D. in Philosophy and Ethics.


by Lynne Cardinal

Diana Martinez Morales, Ph.D. is coming back to Ottawa for the third time, offering a Transformational Family Constellations workshop. I used this opportunity to ask her a few questions.

Lynne: Diana, can you tell us about your upcoming workshop: The Power of Transformation and Healing through Family Constellations? How does it work?

Diana: Through the workshop, my work supports and brings greater awareness; it broadens the perspective of your life. It’s not only about you and your symptoms, as everything that happens to us has an intrinsic connection with our family and our origins. We are interrelated and influenced in our lives by our own family and by our trans-generational systems. So, we need to see the deeper connections and entanglements that we hold in us. The Constellations heighten our consciousness into new ways of evolving in our paths. The awareness that arises helps us evolve and shift into a broader, freer perspective.  We also learn to connect with our physical, emotional, and mental bodies. We need to integrate those three levels with more consciousness so that we can broaden our possibilities.

Lynne: Can you explain what happens when we connect with our physical, emotional, and mental bodies?

Diana: A creative part in us, called the soul level, opens. From there we feel much more connected with our family and to the Divine.

Lynne: Would you say that by connecting with this deeper part of us, we can see and come to understand that we have a bond with our family and ancestors and that this bond drives and influences us? Is that what we call destiny?

Diana: It’s only destiny when there is unhealed trauma. What is there but is not seen influences us. We identify with our tendencies and our family patterns knowingly or not because we need to belong. Yet if you see your place in the family system, if you own your history, where you come from with a grounded foundation or base, it allows you to stand more and more in your potential because you already belong.

Lynne: So, the influence of our parents and ancestors is already alive in us. Would you say that if, for example, someone’s father goes to war and becomes traumatized, this could propel his child to also go to war, or to be drawn to aggression or violence?

Diana: Of course, it propels us because it is unresolved energy; it is frozen, a trauma, and nobody has embodied it. A trauma is an experience that was too much for one’s system to host or digest.  A war is overwhelming and impossible to digest. A person has to numb themselves and this energy is frozen, but it is still there. Life wants to evolve and continue. The next generation will try unconsciously to resolve what hasn’t been resolved by our parents and grand-parents. If we have the humility to honour all that they went through, this happens when we look at it, host it in our hearts.    

Lynne: If I can be humble and honour this trauma, are you saying that it would heal me?

Diana: Yes, and that’s the way in which you include all of this in your heart. In a system or a family, when there’s someone willing to host or see, there’s a potential for healing. You can include it in your three bodies. You allow your higher consciousness, the part of you that is always witnessing, to embrace this. Also, with humility you know you still keep your place as a daughter or son. Don’t lose your place. If it’s really witnessed, it is what is needed. But often it needs outer support. In constellation work, you are a group of people willing to open your hearts to host the systems of your families. This is a collective methodology of healing. It is specific but also universal. Everyone has parents, and everyone has suffered themselves.

To be continued in next issue…

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