Dignity 101: Self-Renewal and Soul Care: Beginner Learning

November 14, 2017 | By More

Did this ever happen to you? Once when you were very relaxed, you looked up at someone and saw colours around that person? And/or you felt heat in your hands, or you heard sounds that are not of this world? You can’t help but wonder: “What is happening to me? People will think I’m crazy if I say anything or worse!”

This is the natural response when your Soul starts to reveal an aspect of yourself that relates to your spirituality – stuff not taught in our religions.

In the 1950’s, a Hindu Saint called Yogananda came to America to introduce yoga. A mixture of physical movements and meditation that help connect you to the Divine. He also spoke of “chakras”. These are spinning wheels of Light that are located along the spine that vibrate at higher speeds than the human eye can see. Each wheel of Light has a specific frequency and a specific meaning  – there are seven major chakras. Hinduism also embraces reincarnation – we live more than once.

Other Oriental beliefs such as Taoism, Buddhism, Zen and others trickled into our culture. These are more cause and effect, soul science based teachings. If you behave this way, you get these results. One of their methods of healing is acupuncture. This involves the healing of unseen energy blockages that settle on unseen highways of streams of Light zipping at high speeds through the human body, called meridians. When you have a traumatic experience, the shock of it becomes like a knot on one of the meridians. Acupuncture or any meridian-based healing, puts pressure on the knot, allowing it to be released and healed.

Chakras and meridians along with the physical activity of atoms and electrons create an electro-magnetic field that floats around the body and is contained by an auric sheath that contains your aura. Everything to do with the unseen energetic world tied to the body is called the “subtle or spiritual body”. This body and its ways are the direct link to the Divine Source. Quantum physics is starting to prove all of this to be true.

The subtle body has many facets. One of them relates to “psychic” abilities, your 6th sense. The word psychic comes from the Greek root word “psyche” which means “soul, spirit”. When you experience unexplainable phenomena, your Soul is trying to commune with you.

Your 7th sense is your “intuition”  – you somehow just know something without foundation. Women are known to have this and men refer to it as a deep gut sense.

The Soul is the part of you that never dies. It is the energy that feeds your life. It holds the life lessons you need to learn while on Earth. These are discovered through experience. Life is your own personal puzzle full of riddles and stories. The Soul asks that you get to know it consciously through conscious choice making.

As you can see, understanding spirituality outside of religion can be a confusing mess. We have made the spiritual/subtle body so complicated it’s hard to find one place that will walk you through all of its nuances at a beginner level.

Hi! My name is Diane Oliver and Dignity 101 is my retirement project. I am a Native American ‘’Urban Elder”. I have been consciously engaged in developing a relationship with Great Spirit and my Soul since I was 8 years old. I have decided to put up my shingle to help those of you who are just beginning on this Soul-quest and those who seem stuck and need to understand the language of the Soul in greater depth in order to continue to grow. I have studied homeopathy and have practiced shamanic, meridian-based reflexology for over 20 years. I come from a point of knowing about how energy flows and how the subtle body works.

I will be offering a series of healing workshops to help you on your way. The first is at the end of November: “For women only: Healing the Divine Feminine Within”. It offers a full picture of what spirituality is all about. In January, I will host a 6-week class on making sense out of the 6th and 7th senses. Hope to see you there.

Diane Oliver

Native Shaman Urban Elder




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