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November 22, 2016 | By More

by Patricia Waldygo ©November 2016

Meeting Michèle Cleveland St.Amour for the first time brings to mind the deli scene from When Harry Met Sally and its famous line: “I’ll have what she’s having.”

It’s not hard to imagine people thinking this when they encounter Michèle. With her dragon-like eyes that shift from black to gold, her joie de vivre, and a knack for seeing the humour in life, Michèle manifests the vibrant life force of her teachings.

We all embody our choices in life, whether good or bad—we are the sum total of our decisions about spirituality, diet, ethics, and more. By this measure, Michèle St.Amour is obviously doing something right.

Even her married surname, St.Amour, serendipitously coincides with her philosophy and teachings. The name of the organization she founded in 2007— Chakaura™ Institute of S.O.U.L. (System of Universal Love)—appeared in her mind’s eye one day. Michèle immediately recognized its wisdom, because “everything I teach centres on directing love energy, the most powerful force in the universe.”

Michèle focuses on the science behind spirituality, approaching self-transformation from the logical, as well as the intuitive, side. Though not anchored in any belief system, she combines teachings from the wisdom traditions of many cultures, going back to the Essenes and the ancient Egyptians.

“When these original pure teachings dispersed all over the world,” Michèle says, “each culture received a portion of them—similar to one bead of a necklace. The Chakaura practices empower students to join these beads and clasp them into a circular necklace of knowledge, like the uroboros.”

Deriving some of her teachings from her Aboriginal elders, Michèle believes that maintaining good health is a continual process of staying strong spiritually, mentally and physically. We must remain in harmony with ourselves, other people, our natural environment and our Creator. Of all the techniques she teaches, “grounding” is the most crucial for health. And taking responsibility for our choices starts us on the path.

Michèle lives simply in a solar-powered house in the mountains, growing a good amount of her own food and implementing a sustainable lifestyle as much as possible in our modern world. She also gathers wild herbs and always plants a wide selection in her garden for various medicinal remedies, in keeping with her Native heritage.

“Knowledge often presents itself in such a natural way, as with totems,” Michèle says, “so people have to develop awareness and pay attention to every word and everything they encounter, for that is how the spirits of all things communicate and guide us.”

In her early thirties, Michèle went through a spiritual awakening often referred to as the “dark night of the soul.” Her many years of physical, mental and emotional healing forced her to delve deeply into her inner world, unconventional experiences, and states of being. Similar to the paths of other mystics and seekers, her quest enabled her to understand the esoteric meaning of our human journey.

Michèle’s novel Chakaura: Awakening the Muse parallels her own awakening and tells the story of a young woman’s daredevil attitude when faced with altered realities and the moment of enlightenment that changed her forever. (Publication date: December 2016)

Although Chakaura Institute has both short-term and long-term programs, the practices are not a “quick fix” that one can do over a weekend. They require dedication and a commitment of time and energy, so that students can integrate the teachings into the deepest levels of the self. Many other spiritual systems deal with the first three layers of the aura and the first three (lowest) chakras. The Chakaura practices start with these but continue through all twelve layers of the aura and include every chakra, putting students on a path to becoming “masters.”

“People don’t realize that the energy field I call the Chakaura™ is a living, breathing organism,” Michèle says. “The chakras and the aura are not separate. One is simply the result and the emanation of the other, hence Chakaura™: chakra, aura.”

Dedicated to a life of service, Michèle began teaching alternative holistic health techniques 16 years ago. She is a certified Naturopathic-Energy Practitioner© and educator, and she provides workshops, retreats, and seminars in both French and English to those guided to her. The centre offers Chakaura Structural Balancing and Energy Balancing Therapy and Training, along with Self-Discovery Programs. Therapeutic sessions and consultations, aromatherapy and massage therapy are available at the Chakaura Health Clinic. When requested, Michèle will also travel to other locations to offer programs and seminars.

She further explains, “The basis of our energy healing teachings at the Chakaura™ Institute is the principle that all psychological and spiritual processes also have negative by-products, much as our biological functions do. We must eliminate unnecessary substances for spiritual health and vitality to be present. If not, they create emotional, mental, or spiritual blockages that our society calls ‘stress’—another psychological process with proven biological ramifications that are often deadly. A blockage is something that doesn’t move and that constricts the flow of energy or vital life force. This follows the law of vibration: Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates. Matter is simply an energy particle vibrating at a very low frequency, creating the illusion of solidity. This alone proves that all of man’s experiences have by-products, for the frequency of vibration defines every aspect of man.”

Chakaura™ is centrally located at 250 Main St. East, in Hawkesbury, Ontario, only one hour from Montreal, Ottawa, Cornwall and St-Sauveur. Visit chakaura.ca for more details.

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