Unlock Your Potential with Sound Healing Frequencies

May 19, 2017 | By More

Are you stuck in old patterns? Are you tired of trying to make yourself happy? In this time of awakening and shift in consciousness, everyone is feeling it, but how can you ride the wave with simplicity and joy?

Welcome to the Newest Scalar Energy Technology in Quantum Sound Therapy! It can reach the most minuet parts of your brain to rewire the old programs and find your own unique power.

Sound Therapy accelerates self love, new ideas, greater focus and clarity, peace, harmony and self discovery – all without the work and fear we struggle through when working with our conscious mind.

How can Sound Therapy help you?

Everyone and everything has a unique, measurable vibration.

A voice code contains a blend of frequencies unique to you which may hold the key to progressive evolution! It has the power to free you from the bondage of your subconscious negative thoughts and self-sabotage. Your personal sound therapy track acts as a personal “tuning fork”.

An individual’s voice pattern is their energy signature that is a better representation than their DNA. A voice sample is taken, analyzed and a graph representing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components is generated. A unique set of frequencies specifically designed to balance you is then generated. Listening to your personal frequencies harmonizes your energy and releases subconscious blocks that hold you back from living a life of love, joy and peace.

In the current emotionally-charged environment as our personal and world events play out, the use of personal frequencies will allow you to remain unattached from the emotions associated with these dramas, allowing you to be an observer engaged in the learning process. In so doing, you will greatly assist in shifting the energy patterns and rapidly bring to fruition humanity’s move a step closer to the next level of consciousness – enroute to full consciousness.

For this reason, the Golden Light Therapies, in alignment with the manufacturer’s mission to make this technology available to all, you get your 30-minute personal sound track for $30.

To book your appointment, contact: Lise Desjardins: Tel: (613) 795-1469 lise.desjardins11@sympatico.com or Pesi Shroff: pesishroff@hotmail.com.

By Reiki Mater Pesi Shroff & Reiki II Lise Desjardins

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