TRUE NORTH: Essential Oils from Canada

August 8, 2017 | By More

Essential oils can come from many places on the globe, depending on where the plants they come from are grown. Here in Canada, we have the great good fortune of having many coniferous trees from which to obtain the essential oil.

Black spruce is one of my favourite oils. It has a complex scent that blends well with citrus (as do all the coniferous oils) and/or lavender. Black spruce clears the lungs of any congestion, bringing a heady scent to any steam inhalation. It also helps with emotional congestion, helping one ground and find one’s centre. First Nations have used it to help ease muscular pain and to heal wounds.

Juniper is another great healer to help heal injuries while guarding against infection. It is great as part of a detox treatment and as a diuretic.

Cedarwood’s claim to fame may be as a deterrent to insects such as moths, mosquitos and fleas, but it is also great in a detox, as a hair tonic, spasms and inflammation. Spiritually, cedarwood is a calming oil which allows one to access ones’ inner wisdom.

Fir balsam may make you think of Christmas, but don’t restrict its use to wintertime, although like all these oils, it is great for congested lungs. Fir balsam’s clean, fresh scent is indicative of its power to disinfect.

Spruce hemlock is a happy-inducing little oil that also has the ability to clear out congestion. You can use any of these oils separately, or in a blend, but always remember to dilute with a carrier oil (not water) if applying to the skin.

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