The Purpose of Meditation

August 13, 2017 | By More

By Rupa

The purpose of meditation is to purify and sharpen the mind to acquire a suitable place for consciousness to awaken and cultivate; not to let the mind be “blank”, or try to stop thoughts, because the function of the brain is to think. Instead, we train our mind to be an observer and then are able to awaken consciousness to know what is happening in the mind and the world around us.

Meditation is a rehearsal of life. During meditation everyone sees and experiences differently. This is because of being under the influence of the modes of nature. Some experience calm, peacefulness and tranquility. Some might feel stress, exhausted and not want to stay still. They prefer moving and acting. Some want to sleep.

Meditation gives us a chance to see the pattern of our mind and change the pattern if need be; also train our mind to face stress so when things happen in life we have some idea of how to deal with it. Meditation helps us develop the ability to distinguish illusion from reality and gain strength of mind. Like physical body strength training, we cannot expect it to be easy.

The flow of thoughts are like a river. Practicing meditation is like sitting on the bank of the river, observing the flow of the water that comes and goes, but not being affected by the water. Sometimes we see big waves, sometimes we see through the water, sometimes we see leaves floating on top of the water. No matter what we see, we just keep observing, not trying to change anything, not trying to stop anything. Gradually we will be able to not be pulled by the thoughts and not agitated by the change of the thoughts. The repetition of meditation helps to sharpen the mind so we can see more clearly. At the same time, meditation helps expand the capacity of the brain so we can receive more information without being overwhelmed. The process can be hard and long but the reward is extraordinary—we are able to stay calm in any situation in our life with the power of mind.

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