The Persisting Pounding Heart – a case study

May 15, 2017 | By More

by Amâeil (Melinda Urban RIHR)
Healing with Divine heart to awaken the deep truth within.

May this case study inspire you to honour the Divinity of your heart, and heal your limiting persisting patterns.

Diedre was experiencing considerable anxiety and aggravation with various physical symptoms. She also felt anger, frustration, and fear that she couldn’t handle it all. While she was being treated with chiropractic and naturopathic support, her heart was exceptionally worrisome and distracting – it was always pounding so intensely that it would even keep her up at night.

My higher guidance brought our focus to dialoguing with her body and the emotions and beliefs related to her anxiety. After just one session she felt great relief, felt calmer in body and mind, and slept peacefully through several nights. She felt that key to all this was accepting the higher purpose that we were able to clarify for her: this was all coming to consciousness now to free her into being more present to herself as she fulfilled the work of her soul mission. However, her heart continued to often beat fast and hard and her breathing was still short and shallow.

Our next session further revealed that her heart was responding to her fear that she would lose control with everything that needed to be done. Her anxious self was trying to keep her safe, self-protective and cautious, concerned that if she was present to herself in her purpose she would be susceptible to negative interference. So its favourite time to show up was when she sat down to work, causing her to be unfocused and agitated.

It helped to clear an entity that was creating a significant sense of powerlessness and defeat but there was still much more that Diedre’s heart had to teach her. To find out how Diedre reclaimed her power visit

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