The Light of the World

May 22, 2017 | By More

Channelled by Lisa Virtue

The light of the world shines in each of you. You have and hold that light from the moment you’re born through your dying day. It never leaves you, is never suppressed, never damaged. The light is your purity.

Know this light in its many forms…through expression, thought, relations, interactions, etc. All is created, expressed and experienced as part of the light.   For what is there beyond it?  With an understanding that all is light, or pure consciousness energy if you will, it becomes clear how all is “meant to be”. All experience is part of the whole of that light.

This concept is presented to remind you of the misperception that is prominent. What will it take to adjust the perspective to a more enjoyable feeling one? We in spirit recognize the deep challenge faced by those perceiving in this way. We who channel this have the ease of a different awareness, a shifted vantage point from yours. So how does this aspect of consciousness influence your aspect into a new understanding or perception? We do it a piece at a time, a moment here, a spark there. We weave it into your days and nights to encourage you to flow in the direction you seek.

Can the experience of enlightenment, nirvana or ascension truly be attained? Yes it can. However your expectations of how that comes about may be in part what limits its occurrence. How does one let go of their myth of what being is, to embrace a radical departure in concept and practicum?

Is it even necessary? We offer to you the idea that enjoyment of where you are and how you feel life runs is in itself an exalted expression. You have much more influence over your experience than you ever seem to allow yourselves. Take that control back and perceive it more as how to live your best expression here, and you will find more things change for you than you thought possible. There are many wonders yet to be explored in this expression of life in your galaxy.

Some of you may find yourselves at the point of choosing to shift paradigms, embracing the completely alternate viewpoint on what it is to exist, and thus find your enlightenment. “Bravo for you,” is what may be expected as a comment. However, no expression of What Is is apart from any other. As was mentioned, there is only one thing, the light. So whether you choose to move into a different vantage point in perception that seems radical enough to call enlightenment, or whether you choose what you would see as smaller shifts in your “regular life”, all have validity, worth, and merit. A part of the misconception is the sense of worthlessness of your experiences or the level of creation. None who perceive from a vantage point such as our own has a value more than you. None have experiences or insights any more worthwhile than yours. Are they “coloured” differently? Yes. There is a wider field of view here. We are choosing to see things from a very different perspective. Yet there is not a one here who is not feeling right along with you, who is not engaged in your creations, experiences and expressions. We are as involved as you, simply in a different way.

We all love you. We see you as divine perfection expressing so uniquely in every single aspect. Every particle to every being.  Every seed through every building. There is nothing outside of the light. All is part of consciousness. “Exquisite,” is our perception. “Amazing,” “Beautiful,” “Ingenious”. These are the ways we interpret.

As one who feels separate, we encourage you to find the delights all around you. To value your joy more, your uniqueness more. There is only eternal consciousness. What you choose to make of this period of expression as your unique essence only adds to the whole. You are unlimited, infinite… choosing to make the most of this expression. While the expression ends its physical at some time, none of you is lost. Find solace in that if you wish. Find freedom in it if you are able. Let it delight and light up your soul if it can. Engage with these words in your unique way. We revel in the mastery of that. We honour you, intrepid ones. Explore. Be. Decide. Elevate. Whatever you choose, however you express, we are with you, we are a part of you, the whole.

With infinite love, you are surrounded and supported in living your way, on your terms, whatever those may be.

The Infinite Oneness.

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