The Greatest Gift

June 13, 2017 | By More

Channelled by Lisa Virtue

It is time to find the truth of who you are. You have enjoyed a wealth of experiences, discoveries, education, pain, love, and all that’s in between. You have found an experience that has served you, one that has helped you to grow and develop. Yet now it’s time to offer yourself the greatest gift: a knowing of your being.

As you loosen the hold of those things to which you have gripped, held so strongly onto, the light of yourself begins to sparkle a little more.  To show itself through those other moments that have predominated your attention, your focus.  As you find moments of release from the power… of all that you have been living so far, you have a glimpse of what lies beneath it all.

Choose, if you will, at this time to experience something grander about your own self. Not just to understand there is something beyond, but to begin recognizing it when experiencing feeling moments, and a sense of well-being and rightness pervades you. As you find yourself drifting in and out of these perceptions, choosing to acknowledge those that are the truth of you, aids in their abundance. Aids in their increasing occurrence.

You are travelling your path and it shall continue, yet now is an opportune time to take it to that next step, that next level. Enjoy the experience Dear Ones. Fretting about it is the antithesis to it. It is peace in yourself you are experiencing in this new light. Again, releasing the tight grip to the education on all things that you’ve had, to the idea that this is how things are no matter what. Relax to the possibility of there being so much more far beyond possible comprehension that maybe, just maybe, you truly are.  Far bigger, far more, far more profound than you’ve thought to date.  Experience that as you can, now, in bits as it comes.  This allows growth, and you will see how it is a beautiful thing.

Wishing you the greatest of success in your own endeavors to meet who you are, where you’re at.

With love from the Greater Universe

Lisa Virtue is a channel and healer who aids the transformation of souls into their own Divine-self awareness.  Accomplished through channellings, energy work and deep inner revealing, she facilitates your own self-awareness beyond the scope of day-to-day illusory challenges.

Energy Healing, Channelling, house/property/business clearings, pet healing, group events and workshops.

In person or distance sessions available.

phone: 613-296-4271


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