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Question: How can I conquer selfishness?


SRI CHINMOY: You may read hundreds of books full of all kinds of ideas on how to conquer your selfishness, but by thinking of selfishness or knowing what it is, we cannot conquer it. Only if we meditate will we be able to find the way to conquer selfishness.

Selfishness is something that does not allow us to expand. When we are selfish and do not want to share with others, at that time we are binding ourselves. We can expand ourselves only by entering into some aspect of our consciousness that is really vast, such as joy. The very nature of joy is to spread. Real joy, which comes from the heart, only gets its fulfilment by expanding, spreading and sharing.

When you feel that you are being selfish, please try to find something within you which can be expanded or extended. Immediately you will see that it is the feeling of oneness. Why are you selfish? Just because you have not yet established your conscious oneness with someone. If you feel your oneness with someone, immediately you will be ready to give him all that you yourself have. Right now you experience selfishness toward your friends, relatives and acquaintances. If you can feel on the strength of your aspiration and meditation that your friends and neighbours are all inside you and you are inside them, then you will have established a feeling of divine oneness. In oneness there cannot be any selfishness.

When you meditate daily, feel that you are like a bird spreading its wings little by little. When your wings are fully spread you are ready to fly. And when you are soaring with the whole sky before you, flying with your wings spread wide open over the whole world, then you cannot be selfish because the world belongs to you. The wider you can spread your consciousness, the sooner your selfishness will disappear. In order to spread your consciousness-wings, you have to do only one thing: meditate regularly, sincerely and devotedly. Meditation is the only answer.

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