Spiritual Practice and Religion

May 22, 2017 | By More

by Rupa

Spiritual practice involves the soul and the Divine; this might cause confusion with religion. Actually, spiritual practice and religion are quite different.

Spiritual practice respects an individual’s background and needs, instead of focusing on the collective consciousness. Religion emphasizes believing; spiritual practice emphasizes the need for curiosity. Religion requests to follow a procedure; spiritual practice requests the need to face reality in a practical way. Religion likes to have a lot of people; a spiritual practitioner needs to be detached from the general mass of people.

Both spiritual practice and religion ask for surrender. The ocean of knowledge is boundless. No matter how much knowledge one has, it is only a drop in the ocean. Anyone who has seen the ocean knows how poor their knowledge is and will surrender to the wise.  Surrender to the living wise instead of worship the passing dead, as the same immortal spirit will appear in a new form again and again at a different time.

Yoga is a spiritual practice and the science of Self-realization, and like any other forms of science needs evidence to support; evidence which is from individual direct experience. As this is about the Self, no one can do the practice for others. Through personal practice and only through practice by oneself, can clear the doubt. Faith will come when we see the results of spiritual practice from previous generations and the sumptuous spiritual wealth that has been handed down to us. A sincere spiritual practitioner will follow the genuine teachings of pioneers, but will not imitate their activities. The new explorers’ experience will give us a clearer direction and at the same time create more treasure for the generations to come.

Traditional Yoga can cultivate our body, mind and consciousness to understand and experience our inner spiritual nature, and let our Self resonate with the Divine for well-being and happiness.

Welcome to attend Rupa’s (Ivy) meditation at Wishingtree Yoga. Rupa has been practicing Yoga since 1996 in China. Her Chinese background and training gives her a natural understanding of this ancient eastern wisdom. Her living, studying and teaching in Canada has provided her the opportunity to develop the practice in a modern western way. The experience will let you understand this amazing scientific knowledge and give you practical skills and techniques to use on and off the mat!

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