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March 13, 2017 | By More

By Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

Over the past few decades, various forms of mind-body medicine have become more and more popular, to the point of being widely accepted. These modalities emphasize the mind-body connection, which encompasses the effects of our psychological and emotional states on our physical well-being and the power of conscious intent, relaxation, meditation, belief, expectation, and mind over matter to affect our health.

As both a Western- and Eastern-trained medical practitioner, I think mind-body medicine is a step forward, but it is not enough. It neglects the most important factor, the soul. The soul has consciousness, intelligence, and creativity. It also has power to heal and bless.

Soul Mind Body Medicine’s healing techniques work on the soul and the consciousness of the body’s systems, organs, and cells. These techniques directly and instantaneously influence matter inside the cells and energy outside the cells. They also work on the emotional body to heal emotional imbalances like depression, anxiety, fear, anger, and grief. They work on the mental body to heal mental imbalances such as delusions and confusion. And, they work on the spiritual body, giving you techniques for clearing negative karma.

The techniques work by recognizing the effects of message or spiritual blockages. Matter and energy are carriers of message. Message is soul or spirit; it communicates with and influences matter and energy. If you apply Soul Mind Body Medicine healing, the interplay between matter inside the cells and energy outside the cells will be adjusted and balanced. This is how the soul or message works to offer healing. It is also why prayer works as a healing agent and why soul over matter is the heart of Soul Mind Body Medicine.

Soul Mind Body Medicine teaches ancient wisdom and practical techniques including chanting, meditation, movement practices, and more, that you can apply to optimize your health, boost the quality of your life, and help prolong your life. The techniques are simple and practical. You can learn them right away and apply them instantly. Soul Mind Body Medicine has already transformed many lives. It works.

Soul Mind Body Medicine: A Complete Soul Healing System for Optimum Health and Vitality. Zhi Gang Sha. Novato, California: New World Library, 2006.

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