Release Your Blockages with Your Personal Sound Frequencies

October 10, 2017 | By More

Are you stuck in patterns that you find difficult to get out of? Are you stuck in relationship, social and work issue patterns? In this time of awakening and shift in consciousness, do you feel overwhelmed by tumultuous explosion of negative emotions? Are you seeking to ride this wave with simplicity and joy?

Welcome to the Newest Scalar Energy Technology in Quantum Sound Therapy (QST) with Tesla iQube which makes ‘anything is possible’ a reality. The Tesla is programmed with wide range of frequencies that address the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components to harmonize, balance and align your energies with your soul’s purpose.

Everyone and everything has a unique, measurable vibration.

An individual’s voice pattern is their energy signature that is a better representation than their DNA. A voice sample is taken, analyzed and a graph representing the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and soul components is generated. A unique set of Personalized Sound Frequencies (PSF) specifically designed to balance you is then generated that acts as your personal “tuning fork”.

Listening to your personal frequencies with dedication for 30 days, begins to harmonize your energy and release subconscious blocks that hold you back from living a life of love, joy and peace. This is what some people have seen and witnessed listening to their PSF:

Day One – Most people experience mental stimulation that begins to awaken the possible energies

Day 7 – The energy may begin to become more stimulating as it invites your being to look more deeply at your own innate nature. This process begins to deepen within you

Day 30 – You may still notice some old patterns of resistance. Persistent use allows you to gently and easily strip away your old stories, old habits, and old limitations, keeping you in tune as you step into greater conscious awareness of your soul’s evolutionary journey.

Day 31 – Time for new tones to continue your journey of conscious awareness.

Embracing the QST and using PSF is akin to the washing machine of our energetic beings – the more frequent the use, the greater the benefit. The conscious shift in our vibration from fear to love, resulting therefrom, allows us to trust and act upon our intuition. In the process, we become pillars of Light, sending love & light to our brothers and sisters – embodying the mantra: I AM a Being of Light, of Love, of Energy.

Golden Light Therapies, in alignment with the manufacturer’s mission to make this technology available to all, you get your 30-minute personal sound track with graph interpretation for $40.

To book your appointment, contact: Lise Desjardins: Tel: (613) 795-1469 or Pesi Shroff:

By Reiki Mater Pesi Shroff & Reiki II Lise Desjardins

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