Question: What actually is death and why am I afraid?

March 12, 2017 | By More

Sri Chinmoy Answers

SRI CHINMOY:  You have two rooms: a living room and a bedroom. In your living room you work and talk to people. This room is called life. In the other room, where you sleep, you need not talk to anybody, for there you go to rest—either for a long or a short period of time. This room is called death. Needless to say, that room is also yours.

You are afraid of death because you feel that death is not yours, whereas life is. You think that life is home, certainty, whereas death is elsewhere and all uncertainty. But this is not true. Both life and death are in you. Right now death is required; it helps us in a sense. It allows us to take some rest. Then when we come back, we come back with new hope, new light and new aspiration. When the soul leaves the body, it carries with it the essence of the earthly experiences it acquired, and while taking rest, it assimilates the essence of its past. Then it starts to prepare itself for a new journey, choosing a new birth, a new environment, new circumstances, a new personality and a new mission. Then, with the approval of God, it descends into the physical world once again.

Right now you are afraid of death because you think of yourself as your body, your mind, your senses. But a day will come when, on the strength of your aspiration, prayer and meditation, you will think of yourself not as the body but as the soul. The physical body may leave the earth, but the soul, which is a conscious portion of God, will remain consciously in God and for God throughout Eternity. If you know that the soul is your real reality, you will not have any fear of death. The moment you feel that you need God and He needs you, the moment you feel God inside you, before you and around you, then death no longer exists for you.


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