Opening To Love Weekend Retreat

August 4, 2017 | By More

Chipo Introducing Patricia & Bill Clum founders of “Evolution of The Heart” coming to Ottawa to lead 2 1/2 days Retreat August 4, 5 & 6, 2017

Are you ready to say YES to the call of your heart?

Here is what they have to say.

Many are witnessing the world ready for more love. We look for love outside of self. We support those that feel a call to love, whisper or cry & are willing to deepen their journey into love. In Ottawa, Patricia met some devotional men & woman. feeling the “calling” with an invitation to open “in love” even more. What is Evolution of the Heart? We support all, as healing & opening takes place in the heart. As you embrace your heart, life opens to your full expression. We offer space that creates opportunity for you to open fully & live a life from the inside out, embrace who you truly are. For 10 years, we have witnessed & supported many people in their healing journey. What we know for certain is that each heart opens uniquely. No two hearts are the same. We know each heart has divine timing with self.  All are being invited from a life lead from the mind, into a life lead by heart/mind/body. A full communication of self, within & with the world around us.  The willingness at the core of your being, is to hear your own hearts call to love.  This will give momentum & courage, especially during the most revealing moments.

The receiving for your direct communication with your heart and God/ Divine, happens during these vulnerable moments. As you listen and your heart awakens, ask yourself, are you ready for love and life to reveal itself to you differently? To embrace all that is alive in your heart? Are you a Yes?

The open heart and mind is curious, gentle with self and others. As the ego (mind) begins to surrender, relax and allow, Divine Presence creates the space for all your feelings to come up.

Feelings such as frustration, anger, disappointment, sadness may appear.  As you let go, softness happens and judgments, opinions, preferences begin to dissolve, and the wounds begin to heal.

Moving beyond the resistance you will discover the love, intimacy, peace and the life you have always wanted to live. The deeper knowing and connecting with the Higher self, God self, embracing all that is begins to open you. There is the willingness at the core of your being, to hear your own hearts call of love, that will give momentum and courage, especially during the most revealing moments. Your inner listening and your awakening heart will guide you.

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