Maiden, Mother, Crone – Naturopathic Medicine for every season of your life

October 10, 2017 | By More

For centuries, women have turned to natural medicines to help  ease their seasons and cycles. As you transition from maiden to mother to crone, there are a wide range of natural options to create balance within every season. These options are gentle, safe and effective. They are from the earth.

During a woman’s Maiden phase, we work on establishing healthy menstruation and eliminate unwanted PMS symptoms or acne. As Naturopathic Doctors, we look at the whole picture, including the mental/emotional input on our health. This includes inviting healthy ways of thinking about ourselves and the world. Herbs such as milk thistle or chaste tree berry may be incorporated into the day to establish hormone balance and detoxification. We offer nutritional advice to help the woman’s growing body create vitality and focus for all that she is growing in her life

The Mother phase allows us to focus on healthy conception, labour support and postpartum recovery. Many women in their Mother phase are given nourishing nutritional advice for optimal creativity. It is so important to enrich the soil, to create a physical body that is the optimal environment for creating something new. During this phase of life women may be birthing babies or birthing their ideas into the world. So much energy is going outwards. Because of this, burn-out is very common so we focus on supporting the nervous system with botanicals, acupuncture and advising healthy self-care practices. We aim to create healthy habits and practices so each woman can go out into the world and create the life she is passionate about.

Crone phase is one of the most special phases for women. This phase represents a time of deep transformation and, oftentimes, new chapters opening up. The wise women who grace our clinic space may be battling hot flashes, mood swings and/or lack of energy. We allow these women to be heard, understood and then we create a straightforward plan to help ease their symptoms. Oftentimes we order lab work to assess hormones, create meal plans to help protect their bones while balancing hormones. Bio-identical hormones or herbs occasionally come into the picture to support more deeply.

The Naturopathic Doctors at Healing House see you for who you are and support your individual needs. Our goal, no matter what stage of life you may find yourself, is support you in living your fullest life. We want creative, empowered and healthy women out there making our world a better place.


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