Love, Love, Love Your Inner Child

August 19, 2017 | By More

Rev. Sherry Harris, MSW, RSW, Psycho-spiritual counselor, coach, teacher, healer

Every one of us has parts of us that became wounded in childhood. No matter how wonderful the parenting we received was, it was not unconditional as the love we received in spirit before taking on this incarnation. We call these wounded parts our inner children and we can, from our adult self, present them with amazing healing. When this healing occurs the wounded parts of us mature into healthy, whole parts which then integrate back into our adult self giving us safety, trust, joy, awe, self love and confidence in ourselves.

The inner child work is simple. Basically you connect with your child inside around the age of 4-6 years. You create a relationship with that precious being inside and fill that child with love, acceptance, understanding and support. Our inner child is the emotional aspect of our self that has been hurt, repressed, and made to feel unlovable. When connection is made and this is not hard if you can trust your imagination), you can find out what kind of love and support your inner child needs and easily and consistently provide it.

I personally have been doing the inner child work on myself for 26 years. It has brought healing for me as no other therapy has. The clients I have taught it to who have embraced it seriously have discovered amazing healing in terms of self love and acceptance. They have learned through dialoguing with and supporting their inner child to release guilt, shame, anger, resentment, fear, anxiety and confusion. They have learned that their healed and healthy inner child (the one that came in initially) is full of love, enthusiasm and awe for life. This child is loving, confident, creative and full of joy at simply being.

If you would like to learn to heal your inner child we can do this in 5 sessions if you are committed. This will provide a life-long skill to heal your stuck emotions quickly and permanently.

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