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May 2017

How to calculate your personal monthly number for May.

Add the day of your birth to the month of your birth.  Then add the number 6 for the current month (yes, this is right).  NOTE – If you’re final number adds up to double digits, add the two numbers together again until you get a single number.  If you still have trouble, email me.

NOTE:  This is a general Numerology forecast.  You have many other numbers connected to your name and birthday that will give you a better understanding of what this year will bring you and so much more.  Contact me for a 90 minute personal Numerology consultation if you are at a major crossroad in your life.

  1. I know that you have been praying for changes to come your way after the many restrictions of last year.  Well, this is the year that they will certainly arrive so get excited and ready.  The month of May is especially amplified for you as it breaks into a one-month in a five-year.  Both of these numbers signify new beginnings and radical changes.  You have probably experienced some of the changes already, maybe as early as October of last year.  Were they uncomfortable?  They can be as you are now being stretched beyond yourself and stretching can be painful or uncomfortable.  If you find yourself in a rut in any area of your life, take the reins and get out, now.  If you do not make the changes that you know you need to make, they will be made for you.  Get in control.  No fear. It is time for change!!!  If you find that you are at a serious crossroad, a session with me could give you the clarity and confirmation you need to take the right road with the most benefits.  This is a very key period in the nine-year cycle,  according to the Laws of Numerology.
  2. Do not be surprised if you find that many of your relationships are in your face and your emotions are raw and closer to the surface of your skin.  Find Zen early and do everything you can to hang on to it and remain calm.  You will also find yourself worrying about issues more than normal this month.  Don’t forget that worry is fear, so do everything you can to master your mind.  There can be additional family duties and responsibilities that come your way this month so be prepared to take those on.  This is a very good time for you to focus on taking care of some of the details of a new project that you started in April that could be connected to your domestic/home and relationship life.
  1. Tell everyone in your world to take a hike and leave you alone.  Can you take a bit of a sabbatical this month?  Can you detach from people and career concerns for a while?  Try to spend as much time as possible on # 1…YOU in May and you will benefit enormously.  You have a great need to seriously analyze how the events of the last 2-3 years have changed you and your life experience.  How have you grown?  Who are you now?  What do you want next?  Extra healing is required during the month of May.  Imagine that you are in a pregnant state this month.  Pregnant with a new you.  You have to take special care of yourself and nurture the baby.  You do not need to really know who this new aspect of yourself is at this time, just be expectant and force yourself to get excited.  Raise your inner vibration and your outer vibration will change.  If you find yourself in a state of depression do not hesitate to go to your doctor or coach.  I see more people in this influence than any of the other cycles.  Many find themselves seriously questioning their live.  This can be a time of major self-expansion.
  1. This is the month for you to focus on making a decision in the area of career advancements, investments or anything to do with money or purchases.  Also, this is a very important month that demands work, discipline and fortitude.  Any travel should be for work-related issues or family duties only.  This is not a time to be extravagant with money but is more for practical purchases. (roof, car, etc.)  Big changes should be arriving for you in June, so get ready.  Quite often these changes are in the area of career or anything to do with work.  They can be surprising, so hang on to your hat.  If you are looking for new work or projects, this is an excellent planning period.  Get organized, redo your resume, etc.  If you do all this now, you should get a pay off in June, September or November of this year.  This is not a year to sit on the fence and do nothing in the area of career or money issues.  Decisions and work are required.
  1. Do you have an opportunity to move into a short term job, or contract?  There is a good indication that it will be temporary, so do not lose your heart to it.  There could be a learning opportunity around this, so suck up the knowledge for later use.  The whole year is all about endings and closure for you, so think about what you could get rid of, now.  Obstacles that are on your path could trip you up later, so sweep them away, now.  This would be an excellent month to have a garage sale and sell all the stuff you do not need any more.  Some of you will be moving house in May or June, so get ready!  Many will sell their home at this time, but not move until the fall.  Do not take any risks or start a new relationship at this time, as it will not have legs to get very far into the future.  If you have a trip planned, no worries as this is the perfect time to travel.
  1. All of your energy should be used on chores or domestic obligations during the month of May.  Spend your hard-earned paycheck on the kids, your home and any domestic items that you need.  This is a “we” month and not a “me” month so family members could be extra demanding.  It seems that everyone needs a piece of you.  Are you looking for a new home?  You could find it now, so keep your eyes peeled.  Are you starting a new renovation of your current home?  The month of May is perfect to begin, so get busy.  You are in an important year in 2017 as it is the first year of a nine-year chunk of time.  Some people under this influence will be fortunate enough to manifest a new love.  If you are looking for either a new home or a new love, get your eyes peeled and your lure in the water, now.  Don’t waste this important month.
  1. Your emotions could be oozing out all over the place, so travel with lots of tissue.  Use this month to focus on the most important person in your life.  That would be you, of course.  You do not have to flail under this influence but it does demands that you stop what you are doing and take care of yourself.  I know that others are demanding and you feel that you need to be there for them, but you cannot fill their cup if yours is empty, right?  The inner world or mind is usually out of control at this time with concerns about the future.  Search out Zen and hang on to it.  Somehow you must find balance for yourself this month.  Hang in there. Be patient and know that in the bigger picture all is well.
  2. A new confidence will take the place of the powerlessness that you have felt during the recent past.  Force yourself to be more assertive, and ask for what you want and need.  No sitting on the fence during the month of May, please.  It is all about action and decisiveness!  This month demands that you dig deeply and make decisions to move forward.  What can you do to get into a stronger position?  Look into career or investment opportunities that could benefit you in the bigger picture.  Many will start a new job at this time, so if you are looking, put your lure in the water and dangle it hard.  Give birth to your new website or marketing plan in May.
  1. You will have a certain glow about you, this month.  Don’t get excited, it’s only sweat.  It is time to get rid of everything that is cluttering your path now.  Get ready for a positive shift that should begin in June.  Purging and organizing on all levels would be an excellent use of this month for you.  Is there some work that you have been ignoring?  Now is the time to put on your gloves and get dirty.  Use this month to finish up projects and prepare for having a bit of fun this summer (I said a bit of fun!).  Sorry, massive amounts of fun are not the focus of the year, but you can have some during the summer months, as long as you keep your head.  The bit of fun will have to wait until June.  Put your nose to the grindstone now.  Force yourself to stay focused and keep busy and you will use the month of May well.  Many will experience some endings or closures in their work place.  Perhaps the ending of a project or a contract.  Have no fear.  Force yourself to stay excited because as one door closes another door opens.  So much is dependent on your vibration, so stay as up and positive as possible.



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