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September 4, 2017 | By More

September 2017

How to calculate your personal monthly number.

Add the day of your birth to the month of your birth.  Then add the number 1 for the current month (yes, this is right).  NOTE – If you’re final number adds up to double digits, add the two numbers together again until you get a single number.  You will read about your number below.  If you still have trouble, email me.

NOTE:  This is a general Numerology forecast.  You have many other numbers connected to your name and birthday that will give you a better understanding of what this year will bring you and so much more.  Contact me for a 90 minute personal Numerology consultation if you are at a major crossroad in your life.                

1.   This could be a huge month for you, so use it well.  You have to get serious now and ask yourself “what is it that I really want”.  It is all about new beginnings and fresh starts for the month of September, so look for them.  If you have not planted new seeds in all the different areas of your life yet, hurry up and do it, now.  Then you will have to water the heck out of them, immediately and constantly.  Finally, the past is behind you and you can advance, or perhaps you would rather repeat the last nine years of your life.  It is up to you, so invest your your life, now.  Take advantage of this critically important period.  If it feels right to you, this would be an excellent time to have a session with me as you are in the first month of the next 9 years. This is the big fork in the road for you and I would love for you to take the path that is new and exciting and not just repeat history because you know how to do the dance.

2. Are you planning on watering the seeds that you planted last month?  If this is your intention, then you will use this month well.  Your patience will be required, as this is a slower influence, but very important for the growth of these seeds or new opportunities.  I would recommend that you try to find a Zen state of mind early and stay there if you want to get through this month smoothly.  If you are pushy or impatient it will back fire on you.  Diplomacy and co-operation are the words to remember for the entire month.  This is a “we” time and not a “me” time.  All of your relationships will need to be nurtured and watered, also.  Are there new relationships forming or perhaps, dissolving?  It is normal to be extra sensitive or overly emotional under this influence, so don’t be surprised if you feel like a big ball of nerves.  Find a health vent and you will be just fine.

3 Healing and creativity should be your main focus in September.  You may even consider this a time of “rebirth of self” after more than your share of life challenges.  The new you could be born this month, so do what you can to take care of the baby. Take a final lick of your wounds and once and for all let the pain of the last few years go.  This period would also be ideal for selling, writing or promoting yourself, your product or your ideas.  You could also just stop everything and have a bunch of fun, as this will aid in your healing journey and increase your inner vibrations and prepare you for the rebuilding cycle that is coming as of October.  You will require more discipline and focus as of next month and into the coming year., so charge up your battery now.

4.  I really hope that you had a bunch of fun in August, as September squeezes you into a period of heavy work and responsibility that requires much discipline, duty and dedication.  You must put your nose to the grindstone and get serious.  No slacking allowed.  If you do this now you will receive a nice pay off later.  This is a building cycle, so make sure that all of your foundations are rock solid.  The most important foundation is your health, of course, so no neglect in this area.  If there are cracks in your body or mind or you have neglected visiting your Doctor for regular appointments, be smart and do it now.  This is a demanding year and your must be prepared.

5.  Stay loose as you will experience a few twists and turns on your path in September.  This month brings a highly charged energy and a deep desire for freedom and change.  Does the idea of change and freedom appeal to you?  Then you should love this influence.  If not, you might find this month uncomfortable and unstable.  Take advantage of new opportunities that come your way or better yet take the initiative and look for them.  Nothing will stay the same in a 5 month, ever, so make friends with change.  It is amplified as you are also in a 5 year.  This is another perfect time for a session with me as you are being squeezed to make changes.  Travel or moving works well under this influence.

6.  Everyone needs a chunk of you in Sept. and you might feel that there is not enough “you” to go around.   This is a month where home and family responsibilities take center stage. Pace yourself this month, as the many obligations could become overwhelming.  Catch up on your house/garden work and renovations.  Try to focus on any family issues that need to finally be resolved.  Do what you can to clean up the home, family and relationship area of your life as I want you to have more time to take care of yourself in Oct.  You will have a need to rest, and take care of your own needs next month, but will find it hard to do this in September.

7.  What has been rolling around in your head this year?  Whatever it is, you cannot ignore it, now.  It is very normal according to the laws of numerology that your head be heavy with thoughts, doubts and worries.  Try to remain calm and get professional help if you are on the line.  Water the plant called “me”, hard and frequently and you will flow through this month.  You would be wise to plan a solitary trip, retreat or take a course in September, as it will afford you some much needed rest and relaxation.  I know that this has not been an easy year for you and you might feel that it is all coming to a head in September.  Do not make major decisions at this time.  This is a better month to gather information or conduct deep research and prepare to make major decisions as of October.  Rest, recuperate and mend.  Life picks up speed in next month. Prepare for this now.

8.  Are you being tested and evaluated this month?  The chance of recognition or advancement is emphasized, so watch your posture and be conscious of all you do and say.  Career and money issues are in your face and should be your focus. Have you been thinking about a new career or promotion?  This is the month to throw your hat in the ring and expect it to happen.  The next 3 months are very positive for business or monetary advancement, so invest, now.  Many will receive a new job in September but only official start it in November.  This month’s energy is all about prosperity and moving forward in a dynamic and focused way.  So get out there and make the most of it.  Get ready to work hard and move ahead.  Think harvest or rich, positive thoughts.  The wheel of fortune is spinning.  Where do you want it to stop?

9.  Try to put a big effort into finishing your “to do” list and focus on clearing your path so that you can suck up a powerful new energy that is aimed in your direction in October.  September should be used for finishing projects, excavating obstacles, and preparing your plan of attack for the immediate future..  The time is right for you to create an entirely different path so that you can transcend into a bigger, better and a more expanded world.  What will your new world look like?  It would be normal if there was an unexpected ending or perhaps a situation that caused you to panic.  This will be short lived so try to stay as calm as possible and know that not everything can stay the same and move with you into your next 9 year cycle. It is truly the month to put the past behind you once and for all.  Clear your path and let the past and pain go.  Get ready and get excited!!!




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