How To Develop a Multidimensional Mind, Cultivate Truth Sensing Mastery, and Minimize Error-Prone Thinking

April 21, 2017 | By More

Science & Spirituality Speaker Series

by Daniel Mauro

There is no shortage of content to be found in the arenas of modern spirituality and personal growth. We are inundated with teachings from thought leaders, spiritual gurus, and new age pioneers. Why then is it still so difficult to discern true vs. false, deceptive vs. accurate, propaganda vs. genuine knowledge? For starters, the rise of social media, youtube videos, and search engine convenience has fundamentally robbed us of our ability to accurately discern what’s what.

Bombarded with information overload from the incessant digital stream, we no longer carry sufficient mental capacities (such as focused attention, memory recall, strategic filtering) to evaluate the veracity of incoming data.  Worse yet, subsets of the populace continue to be indoctrinated into conventional dogmas of society, including formal education, mainstream media, organized religion, government “studies,” politics, and corporate advertising.

As such, it is essential that we take a step back and begin to cultivate and “relocate” those hidden potentials of our mind so we can more masterfully sequence, organize and filter the informational challenges of our modern lives. In this 3-week lecture series, we’ll delve into the core facets of empowered cognition, truth sensing, and spiritual discernment.

Lecture 1: “Cultivate a Multidimensional Mind and Think Like a Master.” Discernment is essential in all aspects of our lives. Everything from maintaining friendships/romantic partnerships, doing scientific research, and making wise business decisions, to getting the best job, eating the right foods, and finding a great counsellor/healer requires that we make discerning choices to honour our personal needs. Regardless of the knowledge source, it’s always necessary to evaluate and filter the quality and accuracy of incoming information. This workshop offers a powerful model for cultivating multidimensional thinking and truth sensing capacities so that we can be more empowered in a world of information overwhelm. Saturday, April 29 @ 7 pm

Lecture 2: “Shattering 12 Menacing Myths of New Age Spirituality.” With the discovery of Chiron in 1977 we stepped officially into the New Age of spirituality, healing, and the search for enlightenment. Much of this “new age” is actually a recycling of ancient wisdom traditions like astrology, Buddhism, yoga, meditation, and sound healing. Unfortunately, this modernized approach has brought with it some problematic mindsets, practices, and belief systems. At its core, New Age spirituality may be characterized as subjective, superficial, and self-absorbed. To that end, we’ll reveal 12 harmful MYTHS permeating the New Age movement. Saturday, May 6 @ 7 pm

Lecture 3: “A Modern Reincarnation Study: Exploring Past Lives of Seven 20th Century Pioneers, Thought Leaders, Intellectual Icons.” Reincarnation and karma involves a variety of lofty cosmic laws and spiritual principles. In this lecture, we’ll trace the past lives of 7 prominent individuals (from the last century) with a view to outlining key reincarnation principles and “quasi” karmic laws. As a human being becomes more evolved, their soul takes on advanced spiritual qualities and their planetary service is increasingly impactful for humanity’s evolution. Saturday, May 13 @ 7 pm

This 3-Session Spirituality Speaker series takes place on three consecutive Saturdays: April 29, May 6, May 13, from 7 to 9 pm. $20 per lecture or $48 for the whole series. Kindly register your space at: OR purchase your discounted tickets in advance at See ad on the cover.

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