How much does your jaw suspension and balance affect your health??

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Many great physicians have studied how the jaws and the facial bones influence our total health. Sir William Osler taught the simple but profound concept that “The Mouth is the Mirror of all Disease.” Dr. A.B.Leeds, M.D., This great physician was the physician to President Roosevelt and   later in his life Dr. Leeds suffered from head and neck pain and airway and speech dysfunction due to a “bad bite” and its far reaching airway consequences. An astute Dentist, Dr. William May, who was an expert in rebalancing the jaws and balancing the bite, saw him. Dr. William May simply changed his life.  Dr. Leeds experienced firsthand a miraculous recovery from his head and neck pain and airway dysfunction. Dr. Leeds became a staunch advocate of medical- dental cooperation in resolving head and neck pain and airway syndromes. Here are some of his quotes:

“This (correcting of the bite) is some of the greatest treatment of chronic pain symptoms that I have come across in over fifty years of medical practice.”

“If this treatment is done at middle age, it should extend life at least ten years.”

“When this treatment is fully researched and understood, it will be capable of revising every medical diagnosis, treatment procedure and prognosis in the medical world.”

“This will be a focus around which all modalities in the medical world will begin to agree.”

Another of the most astute observers was Dr. Harry Sicher, MD and Anatomist. He wrote a book called “Oral Anatomy, Bone and Bones.” One of his best quotes is “The occluding teeth may displace the mandible (jaw) forcing it into a position where joints and muscles are out of balance. Such displacement may in time have grave consequences for the total health of the masticatory organs.”

This is not all that happens when the jaws mis-function. Here is what Dr. Don Moeller, MD and oral surgeon has to say today about this important medical topic. “There is significant research which supports the contention that the oral and maxillary apparatus (teeth and muscles of mastication) can exhibit systemic and neurological effects which are manifested far beyond the boundaries of simple mastication of the food we eat.  Nightmares, headaches and sleep disruptions are easily shown to be modified by intraoral devices, which alter the dynamics of this masticatory system. “

Other great physicians have looked further into how jaw dysfunction due to loss of molar support can affect earaches, headaches and neck aches such as Dr. James Costen who developed the Costen Syndrome in 1934 and published 11 case histories illustrating his thesis: THE JAW-EAR CONNECTION is a condition that occurs when the TMJs are subjected to excess pressure through misalignment or malfunction of the Teeth, Muscles and Jaws.

Costen was the pioneer in alerting all medical and dental professionals to this condition. He demonstrated the fact that ear, head and neck pain could be eliminated by correcting an improper bite and removing excess pressure on the TMJs by “opening the bite” with intra-oral splints. Dr. Costen  “I instruct patients replace the support that was lost when the molars were extracted, to relieve ear symptoms when the ear exam is negative.”

Another well informed Ears, Nose, and Throat specialist who believed strongly in physiologic jaw balancing for maximizing overall health was Dr. Henry Ulhlemeyer.  He said “If the mandible is not physiologically positioned all stress hormones are automatically stimulated; all muscles tense, blood pressure rises to overcome resistance, pulse quickens, respiration is shallow and loses efficiency. The body raises its blood sugar to fuel this emergency, releases adrenalin and increases the pain threshold. The gastrointestinal tract responds acutely…

“In my opinion the mandible is the electrical control coordinator for the whole body i(n combination with the total chewing mechanism of teeth, periodontal tissues, and muscular assemblage through feedback to the brain). The mandible and all its associated muscles in proper physiologic relationship allow the body to relax refresh and replenish expended energies. The mandible has to be in a physiologically balanced relationship to make the total body work as one balanced unit“.

Finally another ENT specialist, Dr. Harold Arlen, has also commented on jaw and ear dysfunction. Dr. H Arlen M.D. was an ENT specialist who worked with Dr. Harold Gelb DDS of New York City. Dr. Arlen.speaking about the connection between the Tensor Veli Palatini (TVP) muscle and jaw or facial trauma and the Trigeminal nerve says this “the TVP is the only muscle of the soft palate innervated by the Trigeminal nerve and the only muscle that functions to open the Eustachian tube. This is the key to the relationship between the jaw and ear dysfunction that is plaguing modern man, along with the deterioration of other parts of the jaw and the dental apparatus.”

Well now you know how important you’re your jaws are to your health.

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