Honour Your Body

August 8, 2017 | By More

Time and time again I am reminded by the wisdom of my body… both when I am working with clients and when I am working through my own ‘stuff’.

No matter how hard you might try and change the body you were born with – the fact of the matter is that you were born with one body in this lifetime… it might be tall, short, fat, thin, large, toned or flabby.  Whatever shape, colour or size – you only get one!  It’s yours forever (for the duration of this lifetime!), so accept and embrace it and most importantly – honour it!

You see, this precious vehicle we refer to as our body is the expression of your soul and allows your soul to get from place to place, experience to experience here on this physical plane.

There has been much research done which shows that most people are less that satisfied with the body they were born with.  Some people spend their entire lifetime trying to perfect if with exercise and a good healthy lifestyle; while others opt to surgically change it.  If only we could see through the eyes of the Divine how perfect we are, we would know and recognize our own body for what it is – a wondrous temple, a sacred vessel for the soul.

As a Mindfulness Coach, it is important to me to look after the physical body with good nutrition, regular exercise as well as meditation and connection to the Divine.  Having said this – it is equally important to provide tools, education and support to allow the development of your connection with your own inner wisdom.

I came across the following quote recently which I would like to share in closing “The same materials that makes up the universe is inside you.  You need not look beyond your own body for Heaven for, in a sense, it’s a state of being and not necessary a location somewhere out in the cosmos”.

Honour and take care of your temple and welcome to Heaven!!

Moira Hutchison

Mindfulness Coach, Tarot Card Reader & Energy Healer



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