HOLY FIRE II REIKI: A More Powerful Reiki Energy

June 18, 2017 | By More

Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki is Reiki’s most recent evolution, and is of a higher frequency than pre-Holy Fire Reiki. It was given to William Lee Rand of The International Center for Reiki Training, and he began teaching it in 2014. It is a powerful, loving, profoundly healing and very gentle energy.

I think that we have been given Holy Fire now because we have come to a time in our evolution when we are able to handle its higher frequency, and because we and the earth are in desperate need of its powerful healing energies.

The holy of Holy Fire is not intended to have a religious meaning, but goes back to the word’s root, meaning whole and complete. Holy Fire Reiki creates wholeness through purification, healing, empowerment and guidance.

When I first read about Holy Fire Reiki in the Reiki News Magazine, I knew that I would have to study it, and in 2015 I found myself in Glastonbury, England doing the Holy Fire Reiki Master/Teacher course with William Lee Rand, and then later that year I studied Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® at the ICRT in Michigan, again with Rand. In the six months between Glastonbury and Michigan, Holy Fire had continued to evolve to Holy Fire II.

People who have received Reiki treatments before a Holy Fire Reiki treatment are amazed at the higher vibrational power and deeper healing that Holy Fire brings. Students and practitioners also recognise that the energy is noticeably greater. Last year, three Reiki Master/Teachers came for treatments in order to experience Holy Fire energy. All three of them sat up after their session and said they needed to sign up for Holy Fire. All three of them are now Holy Fire Master/Teachers.

Holy Fire Reiki comes from a high level of consciousness. New teaching techniques have the teacher “out of the way” so that the Holy Fire energy takes over, coming directly to the student from its divine source, and not limited or interfered with by the teacher’s energy.

What were once meditations are now Experiences; Attunements have become Placements; and Holy Fire is placed in the student by Ignitions. I taught Reiki before Holy Fire, and have taught it since having Holy Fire, and I can attest to the increased power of Holy Fire, gentle though it is. Much healing happens in the class before students begin to practise!

One of the most wonderful effects of Holy Fire energy is the feeling of being deeply and unconditionally loved. The feeling grows stronger and stronger over time, as do personal qualities such as joy, peace, compassion, forgiveness and patience.

If you are interested in talking about Holy Fire, receiving a Holy Fire Reiki treatment or studying Holy Fire Reiki, call or e-mail me. I do distance treatments as well.

First-degree courses are offered June 23, 24 and September 22, 23. Second-degree courses are offered July 21, 22 and October 20, 21. Master courses are offered August 5-7 and November 10-12. Karuna Reiki® is offered November 17-19. You do not need to repeat first or second-degree courses in order to study Holy Fire.

There will be a presentation on Holy Fire II Reiki at PLANET BOTANIX on Saturday, September 16 at 2:00.

Martha St. Pierre can be reached at 613-422-7286 and at ladymjs50@hotmail.com.

For further information, check out her website

www.holyfirereikiottawa.ca and/or reiki.org

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