Green Plantain Flour

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Ronika Green Plantain Flour is flour made from unripe (green) plantain fruits. It is similar to banana flour but much more nutritious. It is ideal for baking delicious cakes, cookies, breads; and for making pancakes, fritters, etc.

Green Plantain Flour is gluten-free, anti inflammatory and low glycemic. It is very nourishing for everyone, but especially for people living with irritable bowel syndrome, celiac, diabetes, and cardiovascular ailments.

Green Plantain flour is very nutri- tious. It provides adequate levels of minerals such as iron which is essen- tial for blood building, magnesium for bone health, and potassium noted for its cardiovascular-protective role. It also contains some protein, carbohy- drates and starch granules.

The starch granules are called “resistant starch” or RS2. RS2 is known as the ‘new good carbs’.These are carbohydrates that cannot be broken down into sugar and glucose by the digestive enzymes. The carbo- hydrates will arrive undigested in the large intestine where they have many important health benefits.

The resistant starch in unripe plantains contributes to a healthy intestinal flora. Since, RS2 cannot be broken down into glucose; this is advantageous for people who have to watch their sugar intake. Plantain flour also has a lot of fibre which is great for blood cleansing and bowel movements.

Green Plantain flour has properties that prevent the formation of ulcers (gastric and peptic ulcers). It also contributes in their treatment and cure. Plantain flour has anti-diabetic properties, rejuvenatesthepancreasandboosts insulinproduction.

It boosts the immune system. Plantain enhances the libido; it has been used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and low sperm count.

Green Plantain flour has a multi- plicity of uses because of its special botanical composition. It is a perfect replacement for wheat flour can be used for all light baking like bread, pizza/pie crust, cakes, cup cakes, muffins, waffles. It fries excellent pan- cakes. It can be used as a batter for fried fish, etc. It can be added into smoothies and protein drinks, it can also be used in soup, sauce or gravies as a thickening agent.

So many benefits from using just this one delicious flour product; yet there is even much more to learn as one begins a delightful culinary relationship with the delicious plantain flour.

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