“Fall Kid Types:” Tips for Parents, Educators & Yoga Teachers

October 9, 2017 | By More

By Anamda Sly and Satkiana Shaw, with The Ottawa Child Council, Club Yoga Program

In Canada, September is the month where we trade-in our flip-flops and ice creams for alarm clock mornings and steady routines with a new cycle of learning. This change of season requests our help to keep kids balanced and grounded.

“Fall Kid Types (Vata)” are especially sensitive at this time of year.  They show-up in a classroom or yoga class as: the ADHD child, the sensitive artist; the talkative jokester; the space-cadet; the nervous child; the highly expressive child and the forgetful child.

You might ask what is a “fall kid type or Vata” child? The term comes from “Ayurveda”, the sister science of Yoga. We are made of the five elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether and they combine differently with some children having more air (Vata- the magic elf), others more fire (Pitta – the invincible warrior) and some more earth (Kapha- the adorable teddy bear).

Following the principles of Ayurveda and Yoga (asanas for different body types) is the natural way to keep balance in any season of the year.

Is Your Child a Fall Kid Type (Vata)?

Physically, the fall kid type has a petit frame, poor stamina and endurance, is sensitive to cold & loud sounds, may have trouble keeping still, poor digestion, flexible body and variable appetite (likes snacks).

Mentally they are imaginative, forgetful, easily distracted, learn quickly and forget quickly.

Emotionally they are anxious, easily overwhelmed by too much stimulation, may have fears and are easily hurt.

Balanced Fall Kid Types:

A balanced Fall Kid Type is happy, creative and fun to be with.  They are extremely imaginative, artistic and even psychic in nature.

Tips to Balance Your Fall Kid Types

Ensure your children keep a steady routine, massage their feet with sesame oil, have quiet time, do yoga and/or meditation, serve warmed cooked food and spend time cuddling.

As parents, educators and yoga teachers you can apply Ayurveda in combination with Yoga in your classes or at home. This fall we are offering, a 4-day certified Club Yoga children’s yoga training program (October 19, 20, 21 & 22) that will incorporate both sister sciences so you can understand and work with the different needs of children according to their particular constitution.

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