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August 4, 2017 | By More

Consciousness educator and author returns to Canada! Her life passion spread through the world with the “Zen Touch” technique.

Suzanne, author of various books and Zen Touch educator, dedicates her life to spreading the techniques of self-healing system focused on controlling the nervous system through “Conscious breathing”, meditation, and a simple technique called ‘Zen Touch”. Last year those who attended the two levels of the ‘Zen Course’ (not to be confused with the Buddhist tradition) had the chance to learn these simple tools with which energetic points or chakras are stimulated in order to eliminate blocks. Eliminating blocks allows energy to flow freely, returning the body, the nervous system thus the emotions to a state of primordial equilibrium.

Last year (June 2016), after a long trip; Suzanne walked straight up on stage, no frills, showing no sign of fatigue or jet-lag. She stood quietly for three hours in one spot with a calm and assertive body, giving an engaging, uplifting speech in a crystallized, precise and concise, peaceful language, basically walking the talk of her “ If I can do it, so can you” inner strength fostering.

The 2016 Zen Course attracted 500+ participants from all over the globe. Souls flew in from Peru, Los Angeles, El Salvador or drove up from Mexico City to be part of Suzanne’s course. There was great magic when more than five hundred people were breathing consciously together as one to the same rhythm. So much magic that the fire alarm at the Bronson Centre theatre went off!

This Northern Irish woman living in Madrid, Spain has steadily become a spiritual phenomenon over the years in the Spanish-speaking world. Her teachings aiming to awaken our unconditional love are deceivingly simple and practical yet transcendentally wise, thus, maybe, her wide success: she has 80.000 Facebook followers and has 10 million visits on her blog suzannepowell.blogspot.com.es

Founder and president of the La Fundación Zen, Servicio con Amor, Suzanne has also written six books on diverse subjects such as conscious eating, on what is a “Reset” and on cancer, based on her experience of overcoming cancer as a young woman. Right now only “Dare to be your master” has been translated to English.

This amazing course is totally FREE and open to everyone. The capacity is limited to 850 people.  Please go to this link to book your space:


Zen Course Ottawa, Canada- August 2017

The Bronson Centre, Ottawa

Level 1 Zen: August 14, 15, 16, 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Level 2 Zen: August 18, 19, 6:30pm – 9:30pm and

                          August 20, 11am – 2:30pm

Also, August 13th 2017 there will be a conference on the subject: The Root of disease: a holistic approach. Please send us an email at zen2canada@gmail.com

Looking forward to see you in this amazing Zen Course!

Written by Zsuzsi Karpati with the collaboration of Gaby Saucedo

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