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Free Laughter Yoga classes!

Nov. 27 & Dec. 11

@ Le Patro Community Centre, 40 Cobourg St., Ottawa, 7 – 8 pm.

All are welcome. We laugh for Health and Happiness.

For more info call Petra @ 343.883.0608 or visit us on Facebook.com/Ottawa Laughter Club de Rire Ottawa



































“Be Me Be Here”
A Daily Meditation and Yoga Practice for Children

A family meditation program will surely light the way for you and your children (5-10 years of age) to make your unique contribution to the world.  Children are naturally in-tune with this grounding, energizing and peaceful practice.

“Be Me Be Here” is a meditation workshop that has been designed for both parents and children.

Parents will learn how to support children in a powerful meditation and yoga practice that nurtures the child’s inner knowing.  Children will be introduced to this daily balancing routine, using yoga, breath and meditation.  
This 6 hour workshop is taught over 6 weeks.
The program is taught by qualified teachers and is based in the 53-page coloured book, “Be Me Be Here,” written by Berdhanya Swami Tierra.

Mondays- November 20, 27 & December 4, 11, 18
Choose a time: 
For home schooling families: 10:00-11:00 am
After school: 6:00-7:00 pm

Thursdays: November 16, 23, 30, December 7, 14
Time: 6-7pm
Investment: $100 (in a small group setting)
$188 (private family class)
Book investment: $25









The Center for Human Awakening (CHA) invites you to participate in the upcoming series of supervisory conference calls for students and practicing therapists, counselors, and healers. The purpose of the group is to provide support and development for practitioners and those studying to be therapists, counselors, and healers, who wish to reflect on the issues that arise in their practices. The principles that will guide us, include:

  • As practitioners we are always learning;
  • Personal awareness and reflection are vital aspects of the therapeutic process; and
  • Supervision is distinct from personal therapy as an expression of our ability as practitioners to separate our personal issues from those of our clients.

WHEN:          Series of 6 monthly conference calls: 19:00 – 20:30 GMT, Wednesdays, Nov 22, Dec 20, 2017, Jan 24, and Feb 28, 2018

WHERE:       Skype conference call. When you RSVP, please confirm your Skype ID with us so that we can send you a Skype connection request, if we are not already connected with you.

COST:            €250 for all 6 conference calls. We intend to record the conference calls; so you can request access to the recording should you miss a conference call or simply want it for your records. You can send your payment via PayPal or email funds transfer to info@sacredattentiontherapy.com. Please specify your payment is for the series of 6 monthly conference calls for the supervisory group.

RSVP:            Please RSVP emailing info@centerforhumanawakening.com. When you RSVP, please share with us: (a) your Skype ID; and (b) the issue(s) you wish to discuss during the series. We will collate all issues / topics to ensure the widest possible coverage for everyone involved. Please see the list below for possible areas to explore.

We intend to explore the broad ethos of therapy and the healing process by considering:

Philosophical Foundations:

  • Methodology, approach and application
  • Aims of therapy
  • Change and transformation
  • Understanding and insight

Training and Development Skills:

  • Fostering awareness and self-reflection
  • Cultivating warmth, empathy, presence, genuineness and respect
  • Ability to focus
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Increasing knowledge, competence and confidence

Dealing with Dilemmas:

  • Personal issues arising in therapy
  • Boundaries and power
  • Intervention and acceptance
  • The ability to challenge and confront
  • Spontaneity versus preparation
  • Dealing with stuck places

The Therapeutic Relationship:

  • Projection, transference and countertransference
  • Developing an individual approach
  • The role of intuition
  • Therapist’s role
  • Case histories

Interest in the Center’s video blog series, Naked Spirituality, continues to grow. Last month alone, we interviewed: Daganac’h, a spiritual teacher, author, certified astrologer, and esoteric psychotherapist about her healing work through Ascended Avalon; Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental from TantraNova; Don McDougle about the Costa Rica Initiative; Chris Milbank about the integration of a variety of techniques including Reflective Repatterning, Rapid Release Technique, Thought Field Therapy, and HaRRming to Heal; Tina Benson about her work as a Soul Whisperer; and Rajaa Qaisar about his work as a life coach and spiritual advisor. The Center is interested in interviewing healers about your healing work. If you are a: psychiatrist; psychoanalyst; psychologist; psychotherapist; counselor; coach; reiki practitioner; yoga teacher; energy healer; or any other healing modality practitioner, please consider participating in our video blog series. You can contact us via email atinfo@centerforhumanawakening.com. Thank you. 

People are already expressing interest in our upcoming workshop-retreats. We are in the process of planning psycho-spiritual events tentatively entitled “The Awakening Moment.” The workshop-retreats may take place in Dublin and/or southern England, and will feature talks and Q&A, along with experiential exercises. The intended 3-day workshop-retreats are being planned for later in 2017. If you are interested in participating in these events, please email us atinfo@centerforhumanawakening.comIn conjunction with the workshop-retreats, we are exploring the possibility of coordinating a traveling SAT-sang throughout parts of England and Ireland. If you would like to host our Founder in your community, to learn more about the Center and its teachings, please email us at info@centerforhumanawakening.com.

Richard Harvey, Founder of The Center for Human Awakening, is currently working on his new book, Your Divine Opportunity. As a follow-up to Your Essential Self and Your Sacred CallingYour Divine Opportunity describes the psycho-spiritual predicament of the modern era and provides profound and wise guidance in meeting the psychological and spiritual challenges of today. Your Divine Opportunity shows how to work with the present predicament just as it is and turn your seemingly pessimistic circumstances to positive advantage, optimism, and wisdom. Furthermore, Your Divine Opportunity invites you to respond to the opportunity for personal growth and self-realization and urges you to understand its significance for the evolution of collective humanity. Your Divine Opportunity is based on a series of lectures Richard gave in 2012-2013, which were later transcribed and published in the e-book Dharma Sky. The lectures were born in and through Source and transmitted Sacred Truth via speech and listening. A way was found to convert and reshape the seminar manuscripts to reach a broader audience of readers—Your Divine Opportunity is that way. The lecture manuscripts are being fundamentally dismantled and re-structured through a divine process of culling, rephrasing, and the addition of new material. The process is being assisted by Katalin Czöndör, a student of Sacred Attention Therapy Online Training. Katalin is supporting Richard through content and structural editing, illustrating the content, and facilitating the transmission of the original manuscripts in a new, spirit-filled written form.