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Fun and Zen Experience!
The Wellness Learning Centre and Nature Outaouais invite you to explore forest bathing in the magnificent Gatineau Hills near Wakefield. On a picturesque forest trail, you will be invited to live in harmony with nature by taking a Zen walk guided by Mindfulness Instructor Suzette Schmiedel and Naturalist Educator Sébastien Lemay who will introduce you to nature in a fascinating educational way, through observations, tales and stories that connect us deeply to nature.
Sometimes playful, sometimes Zen, this walk invites you to take a moment to recharge with the energy of nature and regain your sense of well-being.
DATE: July 29 schedule (rain date : july 30)
10:30 – Zen walk
Around noon: Meditation with Suzette Schmiedel (narration) and Sébastien Lemay (aboriginal flute)
12:30 – Lunch (bring a natural healthy lunch to enjoy while gazing the amazing view)
1:15    – Game and Zen walk
2 :30 / 3 :00    – Departure
Examples of Zen exercises during this course: breathing exercises to center, games and sensory exercises with nature, guided meditation to connect with the elements of nature.
Examples of educational explanations: The history, medicinal properties and uses of plant species, general ecology, natural and historical heritage.
See photo below of destination!
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Sebastien Lemay’s Bio
Sebastien is a social and environmental entrepreneur in the field of sustainable development. His adventure began with the founding of the Enviro Educ-Action organization in 2004. As founder and animator of Nature Outaouais, he continues to develop eco-citizenship through a holistic approach between humans and nature. “In my activities, my main objective is to allow a pause in time, a moment of consciousness, a moment of connection with the elements, the fauna, the flora, the community, and so on. I use nature education, five senses, storytelling, music and creative visualization to promote this connection.”
Suzette Schmiedel’s Bio
With over 20 years experience in mindfulness and meditation instruction, Suzette Schmiedel has developed and taught workshops, courses, creative visualization and wellness in health and community centres and workplaces throughout the Ottawa region including Rama Lotus Yoga Centre, Vanier Community Centre, and Crystal Seas Health Care Centre. She is a certified Life Coach from the Certified Coaches Federation with over 15 years in the field of stress management. She currently teaches mindfulness and meditation courses at the Wellness Learning Centre in Wakefield, Quebec and provides mindfulness hiking experiences in the Gatineau hills. As the host of the I Am Alive radio show on CKCU 93.1 FM, Suzette provides physical, mental and emotional wellness information to thousands of listeners in the Ottawa/Outaouais region.
Look forward to sharing an amazing forest experience with you!

Suzette Schmiedel
Wellness Life Coach, CCF
CKCU Host of I Am Alive Wellness Show
Host of Wellness World Radio
Director of the Wellness Learning Centre
23 Mahon North, Wakefield, QC