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Fall is a time where we get back into routine, a task not always easily accomplished. Here’s where essential oils really shine!

Mornings can be challenging if there are school age children in the household. Diffusing essential oils that are uplifting and energizing are especially helpful. An added bonus is that kids start to associate the scents with preparing for the day. Some of my favourites are red grapefruit, spearmint and key lime. The latter smells like a green lollipop! You can blend a few scents together or use them separately.Let the kids participate in making the decision on which oils to diffuse.

Daydreaming of summer doesn’t help one to focus on the tasks at hand. Rosemary has been used for centuries to help focus, concentration and memory. Basil is another favourite of mine, but you have to like the scent of licorice to truly embrace it. You can blend it with a stimulating oil like peppermint for homework drowsiness. For overstimulated minds, rosemary blends nicely with lavender.

Speaking of overstimulation, sleep is crucial to good health. Reviewing the day’s events, worries and thinking about tomorrow are pretty typical problems related to sleep. Many essential oils can help: lavender, marjoram, ylang ylang, vetiver, frankincense and valerian, to name a few. Again, they can be used individually or blended to make specialty scents.

The immune system can be compromised for various reasons: exposure to more germs, lack of proper rest and stress can lead to ill health. Diffusing oils that are antibacterial, anti viral and/or anti microbial can all support the immune system. And guess what? You are probably using them already for some of the situations already listed! I would add thyme, manuka, oregano, lemon and tea tree to other oils chosen for different symptoms.

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