Discover the secrets of the universe through soul communication

June 20, 2017 | By More

We are all born with the ability to hear messages from Heaven, see with our Third Eye, and speak or flow from the saints and light beings the messages they wish to share with us. But we as human beings have gotten caught up in the physical world and lost touch with these abilities over the years of evolution.

The Soul World is always trying to communicate with us, but we don’t usually hear them or see the signs they are showing us. We have all faced times when we have really tried hard to connect or wished so desperately that we had the answers we needed to make the right choices and follow the correct path.

In reality, the Soul World is trying to guide us every step of the way, giving us many signs from the universe and trying to communicate with us so that we may lead a more fulfilled and aligned life here on Mother Earth. It is our lack of ability to hear them that we struggle with.

There is a very simple process to open and develop your soul communication abilities. This process helps you to be able to see, hear, or sense the message. With practice, it is possible to develop great ability to communicate with the Soul World, to access the secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques that can transform every aspect of your life.

Not only can you communicate with the Universe, you can communicate with your own soul to learn about your past lives, how they influence your current life, and what the possibilities are for your future lives. When you do this, you will discover the universe within.

The benefits of soul communication are very pragmatic. You can receive guidance regarding your health, business, finance, studying for school exams, relationships, your soul journey, and much more. One of the greatest benefits is that guidance is so direct and clear. Through soul communication, not only do you benefit from a more expanded perspective, but you also can live a soul-guided life.

This experiential workshop is ideal whether you are absolutely new to soul communication, have tried it before, or are at an advanced stage. The collective experience of joining our hearts and souls together to explore this path will be rewarding beyond comprehension.

Master Lynda Chaplin is a Certified Master Teacher of Dr. and Master Sha. Join Master Lynda at Algonquin College on June 16–18 to learn how to develop your soul communication abilities to nourish your soul and enrich your life—see ad for details. For more information, contact Master Lynda at 647.654.7711 or

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