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February 23, 2017 | By More

Sebastien Lemay is an owner of Spin City and he is our cycling interview for this issue.

203 Bank Street, Ottawa ON, 613-789-7746

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Can you tell me what is the purpose of spirituality in cycling and do you have any experience with it?

I think everyone has their own experience of spirituality like me. When you did my class, I think I am a little bit more spiritual than everyone else. I like to talk to people, I like to be grounded, stuff like that. So I think, yes.

Do you feel you are grounded?

I think so, yes. Spiritually grounded? Yes, I think so. Oh ok, that’s interesting. Yes, in my own life, I think I am spiritual. Ok so that is good.

So you are a spiritual cyclist? You are having a spiritual experience on the bike? Yes, I would like to say so. Yes, I think so. With the breathing, it is a little bit spiritual. Definitely, if you don’t have that sense of spiritual reality on the bike, I think you won’t have as much fun.

It sounds like it’s a love relationship. Yes. You are in love with it? Yes, like when people go fishing, people love to fish because they relax and they don’t think about anything while they are fishing.

They are in the moment. They are in the moment. They solve all their problems. Everything goes away during that time. When I go on the bike, any type of bike, I don’t think of my problems. I just think about the moment and I relax. I think this is where I meet a bit of spirituality.

Sounds like you are unified. Yes, this is something I like so much to do. Any type of cycling, spinning, outdoor and everything that when I do it, I completely get lost in it and relax.

So you are really yourself? Oh for sure. I can see I’m not the only one because when I teach and I see the other riders, it’s just like they are all fishing together. You know, they are all thinking of the moment and their stress goes away and they all relax. I think this would be the proper way to say that I am spiritual like this.  This is an interesting idea, well it‘s important.  Thank you.

Sonja Muller,

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