Counting Meditation

April 11, 2017 | By More

by Rupa

Counting meditation is to set a number to count to. We can count from 1 to 100, or count down from 100 to 1. Our mind is to focus on the number counting. It doesn’t matter if we lose count of the number, we can just start from the beginning number again. The one who can count to a bigger number does not necessarily have a longer focus length. Just focus on counting, clearly and slowly. If we lose count, count again. Keep alert and aware.

We can combine the counting with the breath. For example, count one when we breathe in, count two when we breathe out, and so on.

Self-inquiry for the Counting meditation: limited and unlimited, temporary and eternal

With the restraint of the river bed, the journey of a river can be simple. Even if it’s long, it has no choice but to go towards the ocean. After the river goes through all the twists and turns and at last reaches the ocean, is this the journey’s end or beginning? Can we face the immense ocean? With the body holding the soul, we might have to face a lot of troubles in our lives. We just deal with what we have to face. How about death? Is death the end or beginning? How to deal with death? Are we ready?

Through the amount of limited numbers, we know numbers are unlimited. This is knowledge of Math.  Even though we haven’t seen the infinite number, we accept there is an infinite. Similarly, we can use the temporary existing physical body to understand the eternity of the soul. This is spiritual knowledge. As long as we study sincerely, through the power of knowledge, we can accept the existence of the invisible soul. We can also use scientific method to prove the existence of the soul by ourselves.

Spiritual knowledge can give us some ideas how to face the unknown world, especially death. We just need to learn the method and practice. Even a little bit of practice will save us from the ocean of unknown. If the consciousness is awakened, then at the moment we die even if the mind is absent, we can rely on consciousness. So when we are living, we need to utilize the mind to awaken and develop consciousness by meditation.

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