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Channeled by Lisa Virtue

We are here with you at this time to celebrate all of humanity. You each have a special role to play in the Great Unfolding.

Be aware that time and space have no bounds for you. We mean this in the literal sense as your scientists and technology inventors shall surly overcome your limitations. We mean this in the sense of time- and substance-lessness that exists for your true, inner being. It is hard to imagine the capacity to which you are able to affect your perceived universe. You have entrenched deeply in the matter stream. Yet as real and tangible as it may appear, you have the capacity to create it in whatever way you will.

You may be wondering how you come to such special powers? Doesn’t it take the powers of God to do such things? Indeed, that is partially true. It does take being a Divine Creator. The secret is…. you already are.

Take a moment now to daydream. Imagine an interesting life. What types of challenges would fulfill the adventurer’s soul in this daydream? What loves, interests and friendships would not only be pleasing but advance who you are, and the understanding of that, to new levels?  Now finish off the daydream with some flare.

Okay. How does it feel then to create? Your daydream experience is analogous to life creation. What did you, the Creator Of All Things (for that is who you and all else are) decide this life stream was for? Did it satisfy a requirement or need or desire even? Why on Earth has this path been put into expression?

You know deep within you. Allow that to find its way to your consciousness here, now. Decide what you choose to do with this new understanding.

You can create a life through your conscious decisions. Operating within the physical expression, or tuned into the Divine vibration more directly.

Decide for yourselves, Dear Ones, what you will choose to celebrate in and of this life. What are you making of it and does it serve your spirit self? Investigate, if you wish, the way to Divine communion, and/or create that within yourself as a chosen decision to act as the God you are here in Earth time. Enlighten yourself each day with the hopes and passions of a life well lived. Listen to and feel your soul’s response to why you’re here. Go with that Dear Loves.

In peace and great blessings,

Your true helpers from the beyond.

Canada is celebrating….   

Celebrate your life, here, with us.

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