Can I Be Hypnotized?

June 15, 2017 | By More

The answer is, “No. You can’t. You can’t be hypnotized.” You’re that special person. You’re that person in all the 5,000 plus people that I’ve worked with, that have been hypnotized, you’re that one person that is so completely un-hypnotizable that I couldn’t possibly hypnotize you. You won. You’ve beaten me. No, I can’t hypnotize you. You are very special.

Yes I’m being a bit sarcastic. I blame my English parents for that. But hypnosis is very, very simple. We just need three things to be in place. If these three things are in place and you can say “Yes” to the following three things, then the answer to the question is, “Absolutely, you can be hypnotized.” Are you ready?

“Is your IQ above 70?” Now, even if you are very developmentally delayed, your IQ might be above 70, maybe 75, 80. Even if you are severely developmentally delayed, as long as your IQ is above 70, you can totally be hypnotized.

“Do you want to be there?” Meaning, is someone holding a gun to your head, is someone forcing you to be there against your will? Are you just coming to see me or another hypnotist because you want to tell your partner, “Well, I tried that hypnosis, but even that didn’t work for me? Gosh darn it, I guess I’m going to keep smoking cigarettes or stuffing my face with too much food.” If you really want to be there, and you want to be there for yourself, you’re not being bullied or cajoled by someone else, even if they are well-meaning, if you are there for you, then you totally can be hypnotized.

And the third thing that we need for you to be hypnotized successfully, is you’ve got to be able to follow our simple instructions. Meaning, if I look at you and say, “Hey, if it’s safe right now and you aren’t driving or anything…” And if you are driving, you should not be watching this video, turn it off. All right, you’re not driving, good. And when I ask you to close your eyes, you close your eyes. It’s not like I asked you to close your eyes and you’re doing this. I had this woman the other day, I had to ask her three times, “Go ahead, close your eyes and keep your eyes closed.” And she did this. I’m like, “Go ahead, and keep your eyes closed.” She opened her eyes. This happened again in the session. I’m like, “Just keep your eyes closed.” And she opens up her eyes. I don’t know what that proved. It’s really silly. If I ask you to do something simple like close your eyes, and you can do it, and keep your eyes closed, then totally, you can be hypnotized. You have to be quite intelligent to be hypnotized.

So, we need those three things in place. Your IQ needs to be above 70. You need to be there for yourself, even if it does positively impact other people in your life.  And, you have to be able to follow simple instructions, like, “Close your eyes”. If you can do all of those three things, then you can totally be hypnotized. Because, hypnosis is just suggestion, and you are totally suggestible. If you were not suggestible, you wouldn’t be able to learn, to speak your language, to walk, to learn the alphabet, to learn math, to learn to drive a car, to ride a bike. These are all merely suggestions, and that’s all hypnosis is. It’s merely a suggestion.  And, the very fact that you’ve learned anything in your life, means that you are inherently suggestible. So, you can be hypnotized.

Maybe you could choose to hire me, pay me a whole lot of money, come into my office, and then not do anything that I ask you to do so that you can leave and be like, “That hypnosis didn’t work.” You can choose to do that, but you’re wasting your time, my time, and your money. But, why would you want to do that? That makes no sense. It’s stupid.

So, if you are willing to come in, you want your health to be changed, IQ above 70, you really want to be there for you, even if it does impact other people for the positive, and also, that you can follow simple instructions like, “Close your eyes,” realizing that you are suggestible because you’ve learned so many things in your life, even if that’s just to put one foot in front of the other foot, then you could be totally hypnotized. Because, I haven’t met that one person yet, that one person in 5,000, who can’t be hypnotized. But I’m sure one day I’ll meet that magical person, and I’ll meet this magical powerful person walk in because they can’t be hypnotized. It’s ridiculous. It’s silly.

We can all be hypnotized. It’s a beautiful thing. It gives you more control of your life and your emotional state. So, you can change your life. Hypnosis is about giving you control back in your life. It’s not about taking it away.

Luke solves problems that people believe are unsolvable. He fixes people who believe there unfixable. He’s worked for governments and celebrities. But also work with those who have fallen through the cracks. Those that have nowhere else to turn. There at there last resort. He’s mission is to prove that no one is beyond help.

He has a particular set of skills, skills that makes him a nightmare for your problems.

Originally for London, England. Luke has been a involved in Hypnosis for over 20 years.

He has traveled the world helping people & teaching hypnosis. Each year he speaks at the World Largest Hypnosis Conference Hypnothoughts in Las Vegas & The Canadian Hypnosis Conference. He regularly writes for the Huffington Post & Tone Magazine. And has been featured on CBC & Rogers TV & The Daily Mail & Cosmopolitan Magazine. He has also spoke at TED Talks. Luke has two offices in Canada one in Ottawa & Toronto.

Luke specializes in helping people quit smoking, lose weight, overcome panic / fear and alleviate pain.

If you have a problem that you’ve been told is unfixable. And you’ve lost all hope. Come find him. He can fix you.

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