Breaking New Grounds with Donation Crowdfunding

April 14, 2017 | By More

Need money for your business, pay off debts, a family vacation, or to support your aging parents?

The educational, health, societal and financial systems we have elected to serve humanity have taken on a different role and have evolved into entities that focus on their self-interests. This calls for creative ways to address humanity’s basic needs, especially in these changing times as humanity moves to the next level of consciousness “Oneness of all”, en route to full consciousness. Crowdfunding is to finance what Uber is to taxis – they both empower individuals by eliminating dependency on traditional systems that, by design, were self-serving and kept individuals enslaved. With banks and financial institutions limiting the availability to secure funds, crowdfunding/ crowdsourcing has become a new way to meet global financial needs.

Donation crowdfunding is a means to fund a project by raising small amounts of donations from a large number of people. President Obama, a person without wealth, revolutionized politics and used crowdfunding to raise 631 million dollars for his re-election campaign, eliminating dependency on wealthy organizations/ donors in exchange for favours. Of the several platforms on the market, Crowdfunding International (CFI) stands tall as an ethical, pioneering new platform that uses a holistic approach.

In contrast to conventional platforms, with CFI there is only a one-time donation, NO ongoing fees, NO long exhaustive campaigns, NO pleading for money. The system allows members to support one another and equitably fund all projects, thereby CREATING A STRONG AND VIBRANT COMMUNITY.

The premise behind CFI perpetuates an abundance mindset. It eliminates limitations not only for individuals, but also for charities and not-for-profit organizations who use conventional fund raising, in a very competitive environment. In essence, CFI allows financial freedom that has the potential to culminate in a harmonious and balanced lifestyle, recognizing that “anything is possible”.

Several Ottawans have ceased upon this opportunity and have created diverse and amazing projects with Crowdfunding International (CFI), driven by their desire to help others and to fulfill their dreams.

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By Pesi Shroff, Support Team, Project Manager, Crowdfunding International.

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