Bowen Therapy for Cancer Patients

August 18, 2017 | By More

Bowen Therapy, also known as Bowenwork™, is the next generation of bodywork. The practitioner’s moves with fingers and thumbs are so gentle that people in wheelchairs, in severe pain, and bedridden can be treated.

Precise sets of moves over soft tissue and nerves stimulate the autonomic nervous system to rebalance and support the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

Results may include pain and symptom reduction, relaxed muscles, improved healing of injuries, decreased inflammation and swelling, improved circulation and lymph flow, reduction of high blood pressure, improved digestion, decreased cortisol production, hormone balancing, and more.


Symptoms Treated

Bowen Therapy may help reduce the severity of side effects and physical issues suffered by many oncology patients, without the need for additional medications. It addresses these and more:

Nausea; Constipation; Diarrhea; Mood issues; Stress; Headaches and migraines; Range of motion; Stiffness; Joint and muscle pain; Fatigue; Scarring, Swelling; Lymphedema (Search  for the research paper entitled Bowenwork for symptom management of women breast cancer survivors with lymphedema: A pilot study.)

The result of regular Bowen Therapy sessions is improved quality of life during chemotherapy and radiation treatments.



Judy Duciaume of Timmons, ON described how Bowen Therapy helped her during chemo:

“As the chemo accumulated in my system, the effects of them would very quickly make me weaker and more susceptible to its side effects.”

After the first Bowen session, followed by Round 3 of chemo:

“For the next two days I enjoyed life. I… felt energetic. I did not spend hours in the bathroom while my body rejected the drugs. That alone was so different from the last treatment.”

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A client of advanced practitioner Ann Musselman in Port Dover, ON described his improved quality of life during cancer treatments:

“I began weekly Bowen treatments and experienced energy and much relief from the pain that was in my lower abdomen and neck. I felt so much better and alive after the sessions.”

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Bowen Therapy Empowers Caregivers

A key benefit of Bowen Therapy for cancer patients is that it takes the body out of the stressed “fear, fight, freeze or flight” modes and into a relaxed state that enables healing.

Janet Riley, RN, teaches Bowen Therapy in Ottawa. Family members and caregivers who take Module 1 over a weekend will learn basic body balancing and relaxation procedures to support healing. The next Module 1 course in Ottawa will be held November 4-5, 2017. See for details.


There’s a Bowen Therapy Practitioner in the Ottawa-Gatineau region located near you! Refer to the business cards beside this article or visit our Facebook page at

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