BodyTalk: Resetting our nervous systems

October 10, 2017 | By More

For all of us to function well on all levels, our nervous systems (central, somatic, sympathetic and parasympathetic) need to be freed up so that they can successfully communicate clear information to the rest our bodies. Daily accumulative stressors can compromise this communication, such as, not getting enough sleep or exercise, poor diet, having a disagreement with our spouse or child, or larger stressors, such as, being in an accident, death of a loved one, divorce or separation, losing a job, etc.

When our nervous systems encounter these stressors they either adapt and integrate the charged survival energy associated with the stressor or they store that energy (if we are too overwhelmed to integrate it at the time). When the nervous systems stores that energy, other physical symptoms will often arise, such as migraines, digestive issues, sleep issues, endocrine or immune disorders, reproductive issues, aches or pains in the musculoskeletal system, and/or challenging behaviours and reactions, including addictions, and/or emotional issues, such as chronic anxiety, depression, anger, etc.

Yet, when we are able to reset our nervous systems and befriend that stored energy via our bodily sensations, it can be integrated and our capacity for nervous system regulation increased. When this happens, our bodies and minds begin to heal our physical symptoms, as well as any unhelpful habitual responses to our internal and external environments and we begin to feel alive and thrive once more.

“My overall feeling is that Jaya is a gifted healer and BodyTalk is a front for what she does behind the scenes. I am one of the happy recipients of her gifts and I am very grateful!”

~Lorraine, Yoga teacher, Ottawa

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Jaya Hollohan MA is a Certified Advanced Parama BodyTalk Practitioner, Cranial Sacral, Lymphatic Drainage, Mindfulness Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Hatha Yoga Teacher and is currently undertaking Peter Levine PhD’s 3 year Somatic Experiencing Professional Training, which assists in trauma resolution. She is Author of the book: “Who We Are When We Thrive: Remembering Happiness and Rediscovering Health”, as well as other conscious media. Jaya is able to provide insurance receipts for her clients accepted by most insurance companies.

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