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Channelled by Lisa Virtue

Into your heart, feel the presence of the Divine within.  Know that you are one with the eternal.  This comes oft times in waves, waves of peace, of balance, or of blessed joy.  Feel the waves wash through you… an internal, eternal voice, speaking to you in a manner felt by your essence, by your being.

Know that God communes with you daily, eternally.  You are not one without such a God.  For the God we speak of here is simply the Divine presence of us all, one being in divided awareness.

Let your own awareness reside for a time within the peaceful still between thoughts.  Recognize that while this may seem a fleeting place, it does exist.  There is existence when no thoughts are present.  What this peace, this stillness represents is the non-creational aspect of self, the part of self that is released to awareness.

Find this place and you reach the eternity of self, of all.  In the still you find release of attachment, of will, of dominance in you world.  Equanimity.  You find your grace.  It is here where our natural self is best perceived.  It is here you are no longer bound by the frenetic, chaotic, dream world in which you have found your attention most of the time.  From here, expansion is possible.  From here you grow.  Grow in awareness of self, of creation, of what is and yet, what truly is not.

Life is a mystery to many… the purpose of each soul, the striving for truth, for rightness, for balance, to become whole.  Yet what if you were revealed as the creator of all?  How your limited awareness stems from the desire of the Whole for diversity?  For knowledge, understanding and collective experiencing of what is possible, what can be?

Have you imagined yourself as the inventor of all things?  Yet in a sense it is so.  Allow your awareness now to rest on an idea, the idea of all being aware and then choosing bliss.  Choosing sentience of form.  Meaning the thought creations project no longer a sense of discontinuity, but an awareness of conscious, sentient, Divine intelligence.  Yet more than intelligence, heart.  Love.  Peacefulness.  What if awareness was only the mechanism by which you revealed yourself, your true nature, to you?  Could you fathom the depths that this cosmic, Divine intelligence could go to show you the vastness of your own being, magnificence and pure divinity?

You are nothing less than “a child of God”, for it is only a separation of focus that brings you into a sense of being different than “The One”.

Trust now in the instinct, the Divine within you that leads you into your stillness, into your peace, and hold not the thought of separateness as prominent.  It is not.   Wholeness is what is.  Allow your interludes of stillness between thoughts to anchor you in the knowing of your essence.  Be at one in your stillness dear Ones.  For we are all experiencing together, as one, through eternity.

With all the love that exists, as part of you, delivered to you, that you many know and feel You,


Lisa Virtue is a channel and healer who aids the transformation of souls into their own Divine-self awareness.  Accomplished through channellings, energy work and deep inner revealing, she facilitates your own self-awareness beyond the scope of day-to-day illusory challenges.

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